Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspiring and convicting

Oh how I need to live life differently. 

Last weeks sermon and a friend's post on Instagram convicted my spirit and inspired me as well. 

I want to live my life in such a way that reflects the love of Jesus ... Am I doing that? 
Am I daily seeking God's face? 
Am I just "talking the talk" and refusing to fully "walk the walk". 
I hope to never have to tell me son (and future little ones), "do as I say, not as I do." 

So.... I will do my best. 

Not so others will think I am perfect - I am FAR from it and need a Savior. 
But so that other people will see the light in me and it will point to Jesus! 


Changing and love. - Monica 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Cards! {Indie Inkpress}

Merry Christmas!!! 

Ok.... I know I am a little too soon, but I just love this time of year! 
The birth of our Lord. The lights. Stockings. Snowmen. And Christmas cards! 

I am kind of in love with photo Christmas cards! I enjoy seeing how a family changes from year to year - especially if you don't live close. 
Last year it was just me, Mr. V, and Sophia Belle. 
But now we have the beautiful addition of Seth and I want all my friends and family to see him grow throughout the years.
This year a beautiful friend of mine designed my Christmas cards and I am completely in love!!! 
Sierra is sooo sweet and I secretly wish we lived closer so we can hang out (she was my first ever roommate during my one and only year of college). She is such a delightful person with a beautiful family. 

Sierra is the owner and designer of Indie Inkpress ( ). She is so incredibly talented and also does invitations and birth announcements. 
Her Instagram:

Her cards are already reasonably priced but she is offering Captivated By Love readers 25% off! If you still need Christmas cards, make sure to check her out! And they don't have to be photo ones if you are not into that. She has some great designs and will work with you. The cards got here so quick too so you can send all your friends and family beautiful greetings just in time! 

Make sure to mention my blog so she can give you a discount! 

Cards and love - Mrs. V