Monday, April 22, 2013


Hi lovelies!

I received an email from a friend last night asking for some advice and prayer.
I was happy to pray for her because I want to always be an encourager and point everyone in my life to Christ.

My friend mentioned to me that on my blog it seems like I "have it all together."

This really got me thinking because I don't want ANYONE leaving my blog thinking that I don't struggle or that everything in my life is where it should be.
I don't write about my issues, insecurities, arguments with husby, or other negative things for privacy of my family and because I want to focus on the good and not the bad. I would rather share positivity then to give negativity.
Lovelies, I never want ANY of you to leave my blog feeling upset, jealous, or more depressed.
I want you to leave feeling encouraged, awakened, inspired, and loved!

I know lately my blog has been filled with baby updates and less about what is going on in my heart and {here is some honesty} it's because I am struggling currently. I am needing some breakthrough in my heart that I know will come.
Please know that I do NOT have it all together - far from it! Ha.

Husby and I argue like every other couple. Sometimes I say things I don't mean and often have to repent to him.
Occasionally we struggle financially - but God still provides our every need in one way or another!
With my growing and changing body I often struggle with my appearance.
And yes, sometimes I feel far from God's voice.

I know that we can go to someone's blog and think, "gosh, their lives are so perfect! They have x,y,z and I don't."
But remember, lovelies, we don't see every aspect of their lives.
- . - . -
I have made it a point in my social media life {and real life too} to not be negative about ANYTHING.
When Husby and I argue I don't run to Facebook or twitter to "vent".
I don't complain about my life or my pregnancy on here or anywhere else.
I try my best to ALWAYS see the beauty in life and reveal the goodness to the world.

That doesn't mean I don't have moments where I am so mad at my husband that I could bad mouth him, or so frustrated with my stretch marks that I could cry -- it just means that I don't focus on that and i don't bring everyone else into the discussion.

My husband and I always work it out. I work through my insecurities and frustrations. And what I have left behind in this social media world was happiness and positivity.

I know, for me, when someone is joyful it makes me feel joyful. But when someone is negative then I start to feel that way too. My hope is that when people encounter me {in real life, on social media, and on my blog} that they would feel the joy I have in my heart because of Jesus. That's the legacy I hope to leave behind. I am not perfect in this but I will not give up.

So, friends, if you are struggling - know that you are not alone! I am praying for you and with you! Don't envy someone else's life and take joy in the life you are given! Your breakthrough is coming because our God ALWAYS fulfills His promises! You are blessed because you have Jesus and His grace, mercy, and joy are new every morning!

Positivity and love. - Monica

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bumpdate {24 weeks}

Well we made it six months in the beautifully blessed pregnancy!

As each week passes I am getting more and more excited.
I am trying my best to prepare our home and my heart for baby v and all that is about to change.

My desire is that Seth will experience The Lord by simply being our son. (:

So here is this weeks bumpdate!

How Far along: 24 weeks (and 3 days in the pic)

Size Of Baby: baby v is the size of an eggplant (9 inches and 1.7 pounds!)

Maternity Clothes: oh yes! I tried to wear my jeans again but it's not happening.

Stretch Marks: mmmhmmm! I am now using some stretch mark cream to help.

Weight Gain: right around 17 pounds. Eeek!

Sleep: it's hard to get comfortable and baby v still likes to kick a lot while I am resting. But I guess I need to get used to it.

Best Moment of the Week: Yesterday was just a really fun day with husby and I. He had to work six days last week so yesterday was his only day off and we just hung out. We laughed a lot and talked about baby v. I know it's not directly about Seth, but we are a family and it was a great day!

Movement: lots and lots, but once Martin tries to feel him he gets shy and stops hehe.

Cravings: ice cream! Maybe I need more dairy and sugar. Hehe but I always want ice cream after every meal.

Gender: all baby boy!

Belly Button In or Out: in... But looking like in the next few weeks it will be out.

Wedding Ring on or Off: off and on. some days I am more swollen then others .... So when I am home I have it off ... But when I go out I put it on.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: not a thing!

What I Miss: sleeping all night. Last night was tough. I had restless leg syndrome, then my hip would hurt, then I would get hot, then cold. Bleh. Lol.

What I am Looking Forward to: next week I have my glucose test and another ultrasound! Not excited about the test but excited for the ultrasound!

Nursery: my mother in law just bought our crib and it should be here next week so we can start to decorate!

Emotions: excited!!! I have just been really excited all week! I can't believe that in a few months I will have a beautiful baby boy in my arms (:

What baby is up to: sections of his lungs are expanding and is producing surfactant so that his lungs won't collapse when he is born. Capillaries are forming and filling with blood too! Baby V has just a little but of hair on his head! He is growing perfectly and being blessed by The Lord. (:

Baby bumps and love - Monica

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bumpdate {23 weeks}

Good morning lovelies! I got up this morning to send my husband off to work and decided to stay awake -- is 10am to early for a nap? Lol

I am tired but it was wonderful to have the morning to myself to get caught up on #shereadstruth devotional and pray. (:

Now, time for this week's bumpdate:

How Far along: 23 weeks {and 4 days today}

Size Of Baby: baby v is the size of an ear of corn {or about 11 inches} and weighs over a pound!

Maternity Clothes: oh yes! Leggings, flowy dresses, and loose shirts are my friends!

Stretch Marks: got those too! Lol

Weight Gain: 15 whole pounds! Yikes!!!

Sleep: this past week was a tough one. Baby V decided it would be fun to kick my bladder all night long! As long as he doesn't kick down I sleep pretty well.

Best Moment of the Week: feeling him kick on the outside! I even saw my tummy move hehe. It doesn't happen all the time and husby has yet to feel it but its a beautiful reminder!

Movement: lots!

Cravings: sweets!!! I ate so many cookies yesterday after church! It was a little embarrassing! And I want Thai food {hoping we go this week!}

Gender: all boy!

Belly Button In or Out: in (:

Wedding Ring on or Off: last week I had to have it off for one day - I was just really swollen..... But the next day it was back on.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: not a thing

What I Miss: in-n-out! Lol I can eat it while I am pregnant but we don't have one in Alabama and I miss it so so much!!!!

What I am Looking Forward to: another ultrasound in a few weeks!

Nursery: yesterday husby and I looked at some paint ideas! So my wheels are turning

Emotions: happy, excited, blessed, scared, and loved by God. He is just so so good and I am constantly in awe of Him and who He is. Not only during this pregnancy but with every aspect of my life.
I am not perfect but I have been saved by grace and I want to live out my faith! I want others to see it and give glory to God.

What baby is up to: all of baby v's fetal internal organs are developed and functioning well, his skin is translucent but will be getting fatter and fatter with the months to come. He also can distinguish between my voice and Martin's. He is fearfully and wonderfully made!

Baby bumps and love. - Monica