Getting to know me.

Hello!!! Welcome to my little blog - That Beloved Life! 
I have a passionate adoration for the Lord.  I am a self-proclaimed romantic. I always try to find the beauty  in life. I have been completely blessed with two amazing little boys - SethJason and JaydenMichael. I love my tea sweet but I am California raised. I think I laugh TOO much, which is what happens when you have joy (joy joy joy) down in your heart. I am a relationalist and a textaholic. (I don't think those are words.. oh well)
I love to blog about things that inspire me and captivate my attention. I am on this journey as a newly single mommy and discovering more and more of who I am.
My heart is to always give God glory, to learn and grow, and to hopefully inspire and be inspired. 

Sometimes I will write about serious things, other times I ramble about nonsense.
I try give you a glimpse our beautifully blessed family

I hope that you enjoy it and it gives you smiles. (:

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Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

beautiful weddings pics! you look so happy in every single pic! how funny that I read this tonight and was just singing "Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart...." song to my daughter on the ride home. ha

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I want your puppy! She is so super adorable!!! Ahhhh!

Jazmine G. said...

gorgeous pictures.

Seriously your puppy is adorable!!!!

Newest follower

Erin Fowler said...

Beautiful wedding pictures! You look extremely happy! :) I am a new follower now! I cannot wait to read more posts from you!! xx Erin

being mom{me} said...

Your blog is such a joy to be reading through! Your faith, love, joy, and passion are contagious.
I really enjoy your wedding are a beautiful bride!
I look forward to continuing to read your blog as your newest follower.
Rhiannon at Being Mom{me}

Michelle Taylor said...

I love your pics, Moni =} You are such a beautiful person, inside and out! I am so honored to be able to watch the lovely developments and growing that happens for you and Martin. And baby V! Thank you for being raw and uncensored.