Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday's letters

Hooray for Friday!!! 

I am very ready for the weekend. 

But first.... Let's write some letters with Ashley! {does she even do these anymore? Lol}

Dear Bank Account, 
Sorry you have been empty for awhile. But thank you for paying all of our bills! Hopefully soon there will be more in there for ya! 

Dear BabyV,
You absolutely delight my heart. More then I ever thought possible. Your laugh and smile make my day. You are such an adventurer and I pray that I can always cultivate that in you! My biggest prayer is that you will see The Lord evident in your life and it will lead you down His path. You are our little pride and joy! Also, how is it your birthday in a little over a week! I can't wait to celebrate this past year of you!!! 

Dear Coffee,
I just want to thank you for giving my the extra energy to chase after my little guy, do the laundry, and just BE AWAKE when every part of me wants to sleep. Thank you for being my companion allll day! Iced or hot, you are a miracle. 

Dear Summer,
I hate you. I just do. I hate shorts. I hate heat. I hate sweat. I hate humidity. Go away! 

Dear MrV,
I am soooo proud of you on your promotion at work! I know I have told you a million times but I am! I am so glad I have you on this journey as spouses and parents. I know we aren't perfect and we are continually improving but I am blessed to have you! 

Dear Lord,
First of all - thank you! Thank you for my healthy baby boy and my wonderful husband. Thank you for Your grace and Your mercy that flow over me like a river. You are so good and I know I don't say thank you enough. I want to honor you with my words and actions always. I want to be an example to BabyV and future children. Thank you for guiding me along Your path and for Your never ending love. Bless each and every one of my followers. Reveal Yourself to them in new ways and give them peace that surpasses all understanding. Bless their finances, their marriages, their waiting, their children, their wombs, their minds, and their bodies! Amen

Dear readers/followers/friends,
You all are so amazing!!!! You have been patient with me while I figure out how to manage blogging with having a little one! You have shared stories with me, encouraged me, and make me smile! It's so fun getting to know you all and I realize that not every 140 of you read my blog everyday {although I like to pretend you get excite when I post something} but seriously you all just make my day that you even decided to follow Captivated By Love. 
I hope you all have a great weekend! Anything fun planned? Or just relaxing this weekend? Who has to work? Let me know in the comments! 

Letters, weekends, and love. - Mrs. V

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things no one told me about motherhood

I have been a mommy for {almost} one year now! 

{oh my craziness! Still in shock it's almost been a year} 

I still have soooo much to learn as a new momma but I have also learned a lot already. 

I truly believe that no one can prepare you for motherhood. 
After all, every child is different. Every mom is different. Every family is different. 

I was thinking the other day that there are a few things that NO ONE told me about being a mom though.
So, I thought I would share some things I have realized along the way. 

• Your definition of "tired" changes drastically after having a child. 
A few days ago I checked my TimeHop app and it had a status from a year ago where I was about 37 weeks pregnant proclaiming to be "so tired". I wanted to giggle at myself. 
I WISH I could be that tired again. 
My adorable baby boy still does not sleep through the night so I am up 3-5 times before we wake up for the day. Before I had Baby V I could slowly wake up, make myself a cup of coffee, take our pup out and enjoy my coffee while I start my devotional time. 
NOW, I wake up to Baby V, change his diaper and take off his pajamas, brush his teeth, pick out an outfit for him, get Mickey Mouse clubhouse on while I cook breakfast, start a pot of coffee, take our dog out as fast as I can while Baby V is still eating his breakfast, finish feeding him, clean him up (and the high chair and surrounding area), get him dressed, set him down with some toys, then drink my Luke warm coffee until Mickey Mouse clubhouse is over ....which at that point is like 2 minutes. This is all before 9am. TIRED. 

• You will do things you swore you would never do before having kids. 
Before having kids I had this unwritten, running list of things I would NEVER do when I became a parent. Ha! 
You know, when you see the kids at the store/park/airport/church/doctor doing something and you say "well when I have kids they will NEVER do/say/eat/act like that." Word of advice: never make promises you can't keep. 
I told Mr. V when I was pregnant that our son would NEVER just wear a diaper around the house. I always wanted him in his cute little outfits, even if we were just home. Currently, he is napping in just a diaper. Yup. 
We also said we wouldn't let him crawl around in a gross environment. That changed when he was throwing fits during our three hour layaway on our way to California. "Uh.... We will just wash him really good. And make sure he doesn't eat anything off the ground."
You WILL do SOMETHING you said you wouldn't. Don't beat yourself up over it. 

• You will be judged for SOMETHING. 
I loathe mommy bashing. I actually hate any kind of bashing but it's hard enough being a mom (whether it's to one child or to 20 children) without judgement. 
You will be judged for cloth diapering, using disposables, vaccinating, not vaccinating, formula feeding, breastfeeding, breastfeeding after a certain age, baby led weaning, giving rice cereal, spanking, not spanking, co sleeping, sleep training,and pretty much every other decision you make as a parent. Remember mommies, there are so many different and beautiful ways to parent this precious child God has given us..... Let's spread love and let everyone be a parent in their own way. If someone is judging you for your parenting technique let it roll off your shoulder and remember you are doing the best you can to your abilities! And when you know better, do better! 
{parenting techniques are different from abuse and neglect. If you or someone you know is deliberately or in deliberately putting their child in danger, then it is time to speak up}. 

• Your love will grow more then you ever thought possible.  
It's true! In the beginning sleep deprivation and baby blues can mask that true, deep, love.... But just wait until they give you a hug, or a kiss, or smile, or say "mama", or offer some of their chewed up food, or put their arms up to be picked up. All of these things (and many more) make you fall in love day after day (and hour after hour). Children redefine "forever". I mean this child is YOURS forever. Forever. This precious little being that you are caring for is going to grow up, go to school, graduate, go to college or find a job, get married, and have children of their own... But they will always be your child. 
And my oh my does your baby LOVE you! You are all they know! They cannot even comprehend love but they have this overwhelming feeling for YOU! As their little heart and mind grow - so will their love for you too. 

So, those are some things no one told me about motherhood. 

What have YOU learned about motherhood that no one told you? 
Let me know in the comments!!! 

Cups of Luke warm coffee, dirty floors, and love. - Mrs. V