Sunday, September 29, 2013

New adventure for us!!!

Well here is a BIG announcement! 

My beautiful family and I are in the middle of moving to Missouri! 

We have been praying for this change for awhile now and I am really excited for it! 

We are {once again} yielding to The Lord will for our lives. 

We have really enjoyed Alabama and all that has happened here. 
- me being able to stay home and be a wife and new momma
- southern adventures like eating collard greens. 
- sweet friendships
- getting pregnant and having our baby
- experiencing college football in Alabama (if you ever lived there... You know how intense that is!)
There is nothing I would change about our experience in Alabama but it is time for a new adventure! 

So, Mr. V and I packed up our house, baby V, and Sophia Belle and we are on our way! :) 

I probably won't be blogging from the road so if you want to check it out... Follow me on Instagram {@mrsv820} and twitter {@mrs_v820}. And I will be hash tagging #VfamilymovetoMO too! 

Moving and love, Monica 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Things I have learned since being a mommy...

I have already learned so much in the short month that Baby V has been here and I know there is still so much to learn. 

But I wanted to give you a little insight at what I have learned so far since being a mommy...

• sometimes a shower is just dry shampoo and baby wiping the spit up off your chest. 
• worrying is something you will get really good at. 
• google is your best friend and worst enemy. 
there isn't a graceful way to open a door and walk through with a stroller. 
• coffee = life
• you really can survive off of 4 hours of sleep.
• it's true.... You miss the feeling of your little baby in your belly.
• your love for this precious human is beyond measure or comprehension. 
• when going out its actually really smart to bring spare clothes for you and baby. Odds are you will get something on yourself (breast milk, spit up, poo...)
• a messy bun is a go-to hair style... Yes, even to go out.
• people are going to have their opinions on your parenting (breast feeding, co sleeping, crying it out, formula, baby wearing, vaccines, diapers, bottles, discipline, potty training, etc...). Just remind them that this is your child and whether or not they agree with you... You will be the one who decides what YOU believe is best. After all, if picking up your child every time they cry will "spoil them" - you're the one who will have to deal with a spoiled child, not them. 

I can't wait to experience more of this beautiful gift of motherhood. 

Mommies - what have you all learned so far?

Learning and love - Monica