Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Seth

Dear Seth, 
I am still in shock that you are about to be 3 months old! You are now laughing, smiling, and talking. You have discovered your hands and love to grab your daddy's face. You cannot poop, fart, or burp without one of us clapping and smiling. You are already so curious and try to pay attention to everything going on around you. 

You delight us. 

We have tried to implement a nighttime routine with you with bath time, lotion, and nightly prayers. We all sleep a little better after time with The Lord. My hope is that you won't have one memory or going to sleep without our nightly prayers in them. 

Seth, I pray that I can be the mommy you need. My biggest prayer is that The Lord will teach me and guide me along this road as a new mom. I want to LEAD you, son. Not so that you will follow "my religion", or so that you "don't get into trouble". But so that you will know FIRST HAND the power, grace, and love of The Lord. Of all my hopes and dreams for you, that is the most important one to me. 
Even now as you lay next to me and start to drift asleep I pray that Holy Spirit will encounter you. 

You are a mighty man of valor, Seth. 

I love you so much! 

Forever, Mommy

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fridays letters

Lets write some letters with Ashley today. 

Dear Fall,
I love you! Pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, beautiful colors, boots, football, and snuggles! There is not much I don't love about you -- except that you leave me. But I plan to enjoy every moment you are here! 

Dear Missouri, 
We have been here a week. I know there is so much more of you to explore but so far I like you. Not so much the drivers here... But I know you can't help that. Please go easy on me this winter -- I am not a fan of snow. 

Dear Husby, 
I am sorry for all my crankiness! Lack of sleep and adjusting to life with a newborn is been a lot tougher then I imagined. Thank you for grace and forgiveness even when I don't deserve it. I will try my best to treat you better. I love you so much!

Dear Baby V, 
My love for you grows every single day! I am still in awe of you and that you were inside my belly. It's so funny how every little thing you do makes me smile - even if its burping or farting. I pray for you every day; that The Lord will speak to you and guard you. I pray that you will grow strong physically and spiritually. I pray that you will know who God is and that you will live a life that points to Christ. I love you so much my little munchkin. And I always will. 

Dear Lord, 
Thank you. Thank you for my life. My prayer is that others will see You exalted in my life. You are so good. Even in my confusion - You are good. Even in my stupidity - You are good. In my disbelief, rebellion, and fear - You are always good. I pray I never forget that. I adore you. 

Dear readers/followers/friends, 
Once again you encourage me! I wish I could give you all tons of hugs. I love hearing your stories and experiences. Your testimonies continue to capture my attention -- even the ones that are not finished. Continue to trust The Lord. Remember that He wants to give you the desires of our heart. He is so good and chose YOU! He chose you long before you chose Him. 
Thank you for reading and sharing in my joy of Baby V. Thank you for the prayers and excitement during my move. You are all so remarkable and impact my life so much! 

Happy weekend!!! 

Letters and love. - Monica 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Family photos

We just got back our family photos that we took in Alabama before we moved. 
It's so lush and green I really wanted to make sure to take pictures outside. 

Kristi Chappell is a wonderful photographer so if you are in the Birmingham/Gadsden, AL area make sure to check her out! 

I am so glad that we have taken photos every year around our anniversary. Love seeing out family grow and mature. 

Here are some of our photos! I am really looking forward to printing them to decorate our home! 

And look how much changed in two short years. 

Feeling so blessed. 

Color coordinating and love - Monica 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Yielding in faith

Well we made it to Missouri and we are starting to settle in to our new home sweet home! 
The trip was great! My sweet baby boy and puppy traveled beautifully and both slept majority of the time. Praise The Lord! 

Now I have a few moments to write a little post! 

So far my life has looked like this:
So many boxes!!!! 

We are chipping away slowly but surely {ok... I am doing more snuggling the baby then unpacking}. 

We had our first church service this morning and I am overjoyed!!!! 
My mother-in-love thought that service started at 10:00, so when we got there at 9:56 we were very happy to find out church actually started at 10:30! We will probably have to trick ourselves again next week to get there on time. {anyone else like this?} 

We absolutely ADORED the service and really felt welcomed. I feel at complete peace now. 

I was scared in the beginning and during the moving process, I didn't see how this was a good thing.... But God is always faithful. I keep learning this over and over and over again. He is faithful.... And I desire to be in His will. Even when it's uncomfortable. Even when it's hard. Even when it's an inconvenience. Even when I don't understand. Even when I am unsure. I still desire to stay where God wants me and leave when He says to. I am learning this in a new way. And at church The Lord just reconfirmed it. 

Is The Lord showing you anything lately? Anyone else learning this kind of trust? 

Yielding and love - Monica

{it took me three tries and two days to write this! Hehe goodness life has changed!}