Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Seth

Dear Seth, 
I am still in shock that you are about to be 3 months old! You are now laughing, smiling, and talking. You have discovered your hands and love to grab your daddy's face. You cannot poop, fart, or burp without one of us clapping and smiling. You are already so curious and try to pay attention to everything going on around you. 

You delight us. 

We have tried to implement a nighttime routine with you with bath time, lotion, and nightly prayers. We all sleep a little better after time with The Lord. My hope is that you won't have one memory or going to sleep without our nightly prayers in them. 

Seth, I pray that I can be the mommy you need. My biggest prayer is that The Lord will teach me and guide me along this road as a new mom. I want to LEAD you, son. Not so that you will follow "my religion", or so that you "don't get into trouble". But so that you will know FIRST HAND the power, grace, and love of The Lord. Of all my hopes and dreams for you, that is the most important one to me. 
Even now as you lay next to me and start to drift asleep I pray that Holy Spirit will encounter you. 

You are a mighty man of valor, Seth. 

I love you so much! 

Forever, Mommy


MrV820 said...

You rock my world dear wife! I am
so proud to call you Seth's mommy! You do a fantastic job at raising him! I love you and pray we ALL grow closer to God and as a family! I love you and am excited for the what instore for us ! I love you and Seth Jason sooo much!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been three months either!!! I love seeing all these mamas post letters to their little ones <3