Monday, October 7, 2013

Yielding in faith

Well we made it to Missouri and we are starting to settle in to our new home sweet home! 
The trip was great! My sweet baby boy and puppy traveled beautifully and both slept majority of the time. Praise The Lord! 

Now I have a few moments to write a little post! 

So far my life has looked like this:
So many boxes!!!! 

We are chipping away slowly but surely {ok... I am doing more snuggling the baby then unpacking}. 

We had our first church service this morning and I am overjoyed!!!! 
My mother-in-love thought that service started at 10:00, so when we got there at 9:56 we were very happy to find out church actually started at 10:30! We will probably have to trick ourselves again next week to get there on time. {anyone else like this?} 

We absolutely ADORED the service and really felt welcomed. I feel at complete peace now. 

I was scared in the beginning and during the moving process, I didn't see how this was a good thing.... But God is always faithful. I keep learning this over and over and over again. He is faithful.... And I desire to be in His will. Even when it's uncomfortable. Even when it's hard. Even when it's an inconvenience. Even when I don't understand. Even when I am unsure. I still desire to stay where God wants me and leave when He says to. I am learning this in a new way. And at church The Lord just reconfirmed it. 

Is The Lord showing you anything lately? Anyone else learning this kind of trust? 

Yielding and love - Monica

{it took me three tries and two days to write this! Hehe goodness life has changed!} 

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Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

What a great trip! And I love that term - Mother *in-love*! Awesome! I think I might start using that!

I know that God is trying to teach me to trust. But for whatever reason (probably because I'm having a hard time giving up a certain part of my life - wanting to have a child) I'm having a hard time because life as of late hasn't been what I've pictured, in other words MY getting married, wanting to have a baby, wanting to stay at home to take care of the little one(s). Yes, I have a great husband! But I don't have a baby yet. I miscarried the only baby I have known in May. We have a new puppy. But when I asked God for a baby, I didn't mean a furry one! (tongue in cheek). I know in my head He does ALL things well and He is good, because of what I have seen Him do and who I know Him to be. And I know that when I look back or even in the midst, I will be like WOW! I just wish I were there.

I don't want to be a "Debbie Downer" and I may not even make sense right now but thank you for letting God show Himself through your life, in the hard times and the fun times!