Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jingle Vox box review [Influenster]


Something really fun I got to do at the end of 2015 was receive my very first Influenster  box to review.

Influenster is a website that you go to read or write reviews on so many different products. You sign up, link up all your social media, and review products. They will give you an "impact score" that could qualify you to receive products FOR FREE in exchange for your honest review.
After you get the "voxbox", Influenster will have a bunch of tasks for you to do and that can qualify you to receive another box in the future.

I am all about sharing different products and I have bought different items mainly because I saw someone on youtube, blogs, or social media share them! So I was absolutely overjoyed when Influenster chose me for their Jingle VoxBox!

I did a more detailed review on my youtube channel.

So, what did I get?? Here is a list and my quick little review!

• Pure ice nail polish (silver star):
I loved this!!! The color was a little different then I normally choose bit still fun. It dried so so fast which I love and it still hasn't really chipped and I have had in on for about a week.

• NYC 24 hr. Eyeliner (dark brown): this was GORGEOUS and so so smooth! It stayed on all day and didn't smear.

• Kiss false eyelashes (posh) and black liquid adhesive: These eyelashes were so so natural looking and fairly easy to put on. I am sooo not an expert with false lashes and it did take a few times but if I was more experience I am sure it would have been easy. The adhesive is black so if you're not an expert, be careful because it might leave marks!

• Hallmark Itty Bitty (rapunzel): so so adorable! This little stuffed animal is so so soft and so cute!

• Lotus Biscoff Cookie: yummy!!! And the perfect crunch to go with coffee. It was the texture of like a gingerbread cookie.

• ore-ida tater tots: I haven't tried them yet! BUT I will be posting a fun little recipe for them next week when I make them for dinner.

• Cetaphil lotion: I really liked this lotion! It's a nice thick lotion that wasn't greasy. I used it on my face after a shower and my face was so soft.

- . - . - . -
And that's it!!!

So fun right!!!

You can click here to sign up for Influenster
And make sure to click here to watch the review video and such scribe to see more!

Have a great weekend!

Reviews and love, Monica