Thursday, July 30, 2015

Moving, moving, moving

I feel like I am ALWAYS moving.

From California to Alabama. From Alabama to Missouri. Missouri to Kansas. Kansas to Missouri.  And our latest: Missouri  to California.

For the longest time we were looking forward to moving and living in California. Our family,  friends, church, in n out, and so much of what we love is in California.
I miss my family beyond words. I was so looking forward to having friends that are already in my life.

But ... it didn't work out.

Our home no longer felt like home.

It was such a strange feeling and really it left me sad.

Doors were being closed and it just didn't feel right.

We prayed and decided as a family to ...
... move back to Missouri.

Crazy, right?

But we really feel that God has guided us and continues to guide us.

We will trust Him.

And now I am just excited and relieved to make this place home!

No more moving and love, Mrs. Very