Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday's Letters

Writing some letters with Ashley tonight. 

Dear husby,
Thank you so so much for cleaning the house yesterday!!! After being at work all day {on thanksgiving when I would rather be with my family} it was so wonderful to come home to a super clean home. I hope we can get a tree soon and decorate for Christmas!!! I love you! Thank you for being my spiritual leader and my best friend. 

Dear Seth, 
I know this thanksgiving wasn't very fun for you... Since you couldn't eat all the deliciousness. Next year I promise. One year ago today I found out you were growing in my belly! It is a day that will always be remembered! I looked at these two pink lines and couldn't help but cry! I rejoiced and praised God for my little miracle. 
You are becoming just the cutest little guy ever. I am really enjoying watching you grow. Today you stared at a pillow and reached out to grab it and it just warmed my heart! I love you more then you can know! I pray that The Lord protects you and guides you all the days of your life! I declare peace and joy over you and that weapon formed against you shall prosper. I love you, son. 

Dear bank account,
I. Am. Sorry. 

Dear Missouri,
Well we have been here for almost two months and I am still unsure about you. It's way to cold!!!! Maybe take it easy on me? At least until I have more in my bank account and I can buy winter clothes. 

Dear Jeep,
I guess your radiator went out the other day. You probably don't like this cold weather either. I will try to fix you soon. But for now you will just stay parked. 

Dear Lord,
I am always in awe of You. I feel you convicting my heart and longing to be with me. My time management has been awful and I know I NEED to get back into that secret place with You. I am such a better wife, mom, and person when I am relying on You, Lord. Thank you for grace and for the Holy Spirit who so lovingly reminds me of what's important. Amen. 

Dear readers/followers/friends,
I hope you all had a great thanksgiving filled with lots if yumminess and love!!!!!! If any of you went Black Friday shopping then I hope you found some deals! 
Thanks again for reading my little blog. I am so encouraged by your emails and testimonies that you send to me! I pray for each of you and it delights my heart when you email me and let me know how you are doing! Praying The Lord speaks to you this week friends!!! 

Letters and love. -Mrs. V 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday .... Sick day.

Well... The little munchkin and I are fighting a cold. 

We are sleeping with a humidifier (and with tissues) and trying to get better. 

The first of many sharing cooties I am sure. 

If you are feeling under the weather - my prayers are with you! 

Stay warm! 

Lots of sleep and love - Monics 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't panic....

Praying for you all today on this cold Tuesday afternoon! 
No matter what is going on - remember that God is with you and holding you! 

Last night Baby V slept for only four hours and the rest of the night he was up every hour. I am two cups of coffee in and still could use more. I NEED His help. I NEED His strength. I NEED Him to be with me. 

Getting my strength from The Lord and love - Mrs. V

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Selfie Sunday.

We had such a great day at church today learning about how powerful our words are. {convicted me on my negativity lately and how I speak to my family}

Baby V, Mr. V, and I dressed in our Sunday's best. 
I decided we just had to take pictures (which is an often occurrence). 

Selfies with my son. 

It was so cute because he noticed himself in the camera. 

And a family picture. 

I am sooo loving all the Fall colors! That red tree is my favorite! 

Happy Sunday and blessings to a new week!!! 

Shameless selfies and love. - Mrs. V 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Even when it's hard....

We have been in Missouri for an entire month now and I will be honest - 
I am not too sure about how I feel. 

I feel homesick for California more then I have ever before. 
I feel discouraged that I have not found a job yet. 
I feel overwhelmed and confused. 
I feel frustrated and anxious. 

When my feelings get so polluted and confusing I have to run to The Lord. 

Friends, I am being honest -- if I had money I would joyfully go back to my beloved town in California. I would start attending my old church with a newfound appreciation. I would savor every restaurant, every coffee shop, every smell, every moment. I would hug my family and friends a little longer. I would enjoy the weather and happily go to work daily. I miss it more then I thought I would. And I haven't lived there in two years! 

But moving back to California is not an option and I have to trust God during this time. I don't know why I am here and I have to fight back the bitterness of living in yet another new state. 
BUT in the midst of all these feelings... I will trust God. 

Father, help me. Help me too see the reason why I am here. I never want to lose my joy in any season. As a new mom I am trying to learn a new way to live my life and I thank you for that. I thank you and praise you for my son. There is so much newness in my life right now and I pray that I will trust you during this time... Even when it's hard. Thank you for listening to my prayers and heart's cry - even when it's repetitive. Amen. 

New states, acclimating to a new call, and love. -Monica