Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Today is a good day. 

Today is the first day of Autumn. 

My absolute favorite season of all!. 

My day started out with a delicious cup of Trader Joes pumpkin spice coffee, my littles playing, and my Bible. Really, it couldnt have been more perfect. 

t h e n ....

.... my 2 year old, who has been potty trained for about 2 weeks, had two accidents. My 5 month old did not have to be put down at all. JaydenMichael is usually really happy and laid back but today he was just not having it. He cried on the floor. He cried while nursing. He cried in the jumper. SethJason just wanted to play with me {and his little brother} but I was trying to clean the kitchen and keep JaydenMichael quiet. SethJason had a few meltdowns because he wanted to use his new sippycup {which was dirty}, he did not like what we were watching {because I can only watch Little Einsteins so many times}, and I wouldnt like him sit on his little brother {yup, just yup}. 

This is life.

Sometimes it isnt pretty enough to put on instagram or awesome enough to put on youtube. 

Some days you wake up and have an amazing morning and then it can get crazy and you are SOOO looking forward to bedtime. 

But i wouldnt trade this for anything. 

And now my littles are asleep and my husband is home. (: 

big cups of pumpkin spice coffee and love, Monica