Sunday, September 29, 2013

New adventure for us!!!

Well here is a BIG announcement! 

My beautiful family and I are in the middle of moving to Missouri! 

We have been praying for this change for awhile now and I am really excited for it! 

We are {once again} yielding to The Lord will for our lives. 

We have really enjoyed Alabama and all that has happened here. 
- me being able to stay home and be a wife and new momma
- southern adventures like eating collard greens. 
- sweet friendships
- getting pregnant and having our baby
- experiencing college football in Alabama (if you ever lived there... You know how intense that is!)
There is nothing I would change about our experience in Alabama but it is time for a new adventure! 

So, Mr. V and I packed up our house, baby V, and Sophia Belle and we are on our way! :) 

I probably won't be blogging from the road so if you want to check it out... Follow me on Instagram {@mrsv820} and twitter {@mrs_v820}. And I will be hash tagging #VfamilymovetoMO too! 

Moving and love, Monica 

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