Friday, September 11, 2009

Lessons From Alice.

Alice in Wonderland was a 1951 animated movie that has been in my thoughts lately. And not because of the up and coming movie.
Think about it...a young girl chasing a white rabbit. Something so pure and innocent turned into a HUGE adventure. She followed this white rabbit which caused her to experience more then she ever had. Meeting incredibly strange characters. The story of Alice in Wonderland is a true manifestation of 'its the journey not the destination'. Because of something inside Alice that caused her to continue to run after this late white rabbit enabled her to experience more of life.

Although she never even caught the rabbit she had such an amazing experience. How many things in our own life are like that white rabbit? The thing we chase. The thing that causes us to run after it. The thing that captivates our attention so much we dont lose focus and if we do for a moment we immediately continue to follow it the instant it comes back into our line of view. Its amazing that something we keep our focus on can be a chain effect to have so many life-changing encounters and experiences. I know that i will continue to run after the "white rabbit" even if i feel like i am running in circles and not getting any closer...because i am forever captivated!

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