Wednesday, November 3, 2010

absence makes the heart grow fonder or out of sight out of mind

So this is where i am right now: my boyfriend and i are doing long distance.

yup, long distance....seeing eachother is never and the chances of communicating are few. But this is what i have been learning in this past 3 months of doing long distance. There are truly 2 possible choices in a long distance relationship - you grow together or grow apart. Either you embrace the season you are in or you run from it. My bf and i are choosing to embrace it and run with it.
He and i are really working on ourselves as individuals and learning SOO much about Godly marriages and relationships. We are choosing to pray about our relationship and contending for it. We are giving eachother to the loving arms of God and hoping that He will return us to eachother at the end of this season. In this experience i have found that, for me, "out of sight, out of mind" isnt an option. With long distance relationships (as well as ANY relationship in my opinion) it is a choice. We chose to get into a relationship when we did. We chose to continue it when he left. We chose to pray for eachother in this waiting period. We chose God's best for us. I make this choice every single day. The choice to wait and pray.
The absence of my bf does not make me care about him less....but to care about him MORE because of what i KNOW i am waiting for. The waiting period makes the end result more exciting. Like on Christmas - if gifts are not under the tree in weeks before the big day...the presents are NOT out of mind. The wonder and waiting sit with the child. The excitement grows and grows until Christmas morning when the gifts are FINALLY in their presence. The waiting was worth it in the end..because they knew WHAT they were waiting for!
I know what i am choosing to wait for... and that makes my heart grow fonder. (:

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