Sunday, April 6, 2014

From one mom to another

My handsome boy is 8 months old now. 
What an incredible, exhausting, and rewarding journey this has been so far. 

Being a mother is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life so far. 
Meeting my son's basic needs is not even the half of it. 
He is constantly changing and growing. Expanding and exploring. My child is experiencing and persevering. He is finding his limits and noticing his surroundings. What worked last month {to make him sleep, laugh, calm down, stay still, etc...) might not work now or next month. He is andventurerer. 
And somehow, I, as imperfect as I am, am supposed to help him, nurture him, protect him, and cultivate him. 

I am also learning and growing. Expanding and being stretched. Being Pushed to my limits and back again. Doing things I couldn't believe I could do. 

Like ....

Going without sleep. 
Putting his needs above my own. 
Feeling overwhelmed
Smiling at small moments. 
Wishing to pause time. 
And at some instances wishing to fast forward (teething, anyone?).

Before I was pregnant I imagined what kind of mother I would be. 
I pictured how I would react and how I would raise this little prince. 
I took all those expectations... And threw them out the window! Very early on in my son's life I was being choked by this perception of what motherhood is. 

Now... My prayer daily is that I would parent my amazing son in a way that gives God glory. And I thank Him for new grace. New joy. Every single morning. 

And at times I fail. Sometimes I cry. Certain days I have no idea what I'm doing! Sometimes I fall short. And I know I will again. 

But this is motherhood

The small moments. The giggles. The obstacles. The tantrums. The smiles. The moments between NapTime and play time. The new accomplishments and the mundane daily activities. 

We are all growing and learning, mamas. 

So have grace for yourself, sweet friends.

Bath times, teething toys, and love. - Monica

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