Thursday, July 6, 2017


Embrace the messy.

Literally I wish I had more to add to that but life has been messy.

My house has been messy.

My heart has been messy.

My hair has been messy (thank the Lord for dry shampoo).

My children have even been messy (hello summer!).

I'm learning to embrace that messiness. I'm accepting that sometimes I don't have it all together. Some days there aren't enough hours and I pack on the dry shampoo and wear yesterday's makeup.
Occasionally my children's socks don't match and their shirt has a small stain. Laundry is everywhere, toys are scattered, dishes are waiting to be washed.
Sometimes my heart is confused or processing. My worry is at an all time high and I'm fighting to put my trust back in the Lord.

But this is life. Learn to love the messy moments and the neat and tidy ones. And everything in between.

Xxoo, Monica

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