Thursday, December 6, 2012

I am back.. promise

hi lovelies!

I know I haven't been blogging much and I promise that will change.

I have been working out in my own head and heart how I have been feeling about this little blog world that I have come to love so dearly.

When I first started blogging I was mostly writing for myself to journal and see how I was growing and changing and document all the funness of planning a wedding and being a newlywed.

Now my blog has grown to a little over 100 followers (whoo hoo!)!!! I am still in shock and still no incredibly honored and humbled.

But I started to feel..... pressured. Like I NEEDED to write because I had people waiting to listen. Not that I think any of you stare at your computers or smart phones anticipating a new Captivated By Love post but there was that sense of pressure now.
I felt forced... like I needed to say something to fill the silence. I didn't like feeling like that so I took a short hiatus.

WHY do I blog?
What is the point of it? Am I having fun and is it giving my joy? Do I have something to say?

Those were some of the questions I asked myself this past week.

I blog because I love it. I love writing my thoughts and feelings down. I like sharing with others the ups and downs of being a newlywed and what its like in my little home.
The point of my blog has always been to give me smiles and hopefully give you all some too. I want to be inspired and to inspire others. I want to hear your stories and how you met your husbands. I want to listen to how you are doing and show you that you can get through your difficult situation.
I want to laugh while I show you my silly puppy and even sillier husband. I want to share with you what the Lord is showing me in this current season and hear what He is showing you.
I am still getting so much joy from it. As long as I am breathing.. I have something to share.

Happy happy thursday to you all!

Blogging, contemplating, and love. - Monica


Kenzie said...

Oh, girl, you are so sweet and absolutely incredible. It's ironic that you posted this today because it's exactly how I've been feeling lately. Your honest heart and sweet disposition make me love you more and more each day. Thank you for being such a TRUE friend!


Mariel Collins said...

YAY FOR 100+!! thank you so much for sharing your heart i think we all struggle with this!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

good post friend! I always have to remind myself of why I blog - and I decided that one day, I want to give this blog to my children - so basically it's my "life journal" that they'll be able to look back on and see "mom and dads first house" or how life was when they grew up by seeing updates on their life, weekly. They can see mom's clothing style and laugh at it later on down the road, etc....definitely thinking about doing a blog post about this! I know how you feel though, I feel that way too because people actually pay to be on my sidebar so sometimes I feel like I don't you and your cute little blog!