Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grown up Christmas list

Well Christmas season is here!

Christmas trees are decorated and stockings are hung. Streets are filled with sparkling lights and the countdowns are starting.
Which means....... its time for letters to santa.

Do you remember what you wished for 10-15 yrs ago? (oh my! I was 15 yrs old ten yrs ago! How is that possible?)
Its funny to think how different our list was from then to now.

When I was 15 I probably wanted clothes... or a cell phone. Haha. I most likely got cds, makeup, clothes, and jewelry.

I would still want makeup, clothes, and jewelry [*wink wink husby*  (; ], but yesterday I was thinking "I wish Santa would bring me a vacuum that picks up dog hair and works on carpet and wood floors." Lol

Now that I am married (and 25) my wish list has changed from things I want for myself to things that would benefit our home and has more of a purpose.

Here are some of the bigger items Santa can bring us. (:
- vacuum
- a kitchenaid
- fancy blender
- decorative stuff for the house
- mixing bowls
- coffee table
- bigger TV (husby would like this one)
- new car
- tv stand/entertainment center

Those are some things off the top of my head. Hehe.

What's on your Christmas list?

Growing up and love - Monica


Rachel said...

It's too bad that all the grown up stuff is terribly expensive! I hear so many good things about kitchenaids...but 2-3 hundred for one? dang, I can just keep mixing up stuff by hand... :P

Beth said...

Kitchenaid is on my list! I've had my sister's for a year and LOVE it.

Growing up is kinda poopy because our list changes to things we "need" - my birthday, I asked for a new toilet seat. SAD I know. :)

But you have your hubby and puppy, just put bows on their heads! :)

Erin said...

Love your list :) I agree - a new car and a bigger TV would be amazing!!

Love ya!

Myers Family said...

I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer....I have had it for about 5 years but have used it the most this year when I finally learned to "cook". I guilted my hubby into buying it for me since he was spending so much on an air compressor from Sears that I decided to go get a mixer in Sears and tell him if you want the compressor then you're getting this for me :)

Myers Family said...

BTW I asked for an apron for Mothers Day this year bahahaha

Megan said...

Clothes are usually the main thing on my list. When I was a kid getting clothes was the worst, but as an's about the only time I get new clothes. :)

Haley Bartlett said...

New running shoes, makeup, new pots and pans, a hair straightener.

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