Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Date night....weekend?

Happy Tuesday all my lovely readers.

{whoa.. Tuesday! Where did my week go? And its the 13th!! Where did my MONTH go?}

This weekend my husband planned a romantic time. Friday night he "made dinner" (which he actually just bought take out... Which i was surprised because be is actually a very good cook). I came home from taking Sophia on a walk to a candle light dinner, soft instrumental music, and little pink roses on the table. It was so sweet (swoon, right?).

Saturday he got up and made a delicious breakfast of omelets and biscuits with orange juice. Mmm! Omelets are his specialty. Later that day we drove around Alabama looking at all the gorgeous colors (its called 'alabama the beautiful' afterall). That night we went to church and then went bowling.

Sunday we lounged around and watched football. Later we watched movies.

It was such a great weekend!

I talked to a friend about dating in marriage (she has been married for 12 yrs) and she said that she doesn't NEED to have a date night. She would like it.... But her marriage is still strong without it.

Martin and i have been married a little over 1 year and we try to have a weekly date night. I want to stay in routine with this for when we have kids. We dedicate a night to just be married and be together. We try to do something (if finances allow) outside of the house and we don't talk about bills or anything like that. We just enjoy each other.

How important is a date night to you and your husband (boyfriend, fiancé)?
How often do you have one? I babysat for a couple who went out once a month with her husband of 10 yrs.

I don't think a date night has to be going out and spending a lot of money either. One Sunday Martin and i played card games and it was SOO fun!
Its a rare occasion where there is candle light too. Some nights its just left overs and a movie... But we still set aside time that is JUST for each other. (put your cell phone on silent)

My love language is quality time.... So i think that is also why i love a date night (or weekend) with my man. (:

candles, left overs, and love. - Monica

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Jess said...

You two are adorable :) I read about your story on sippy cups and pearls and I am excited to read more! I agree that the date night isn't as important as the quality time. As long as we have some time alone each week I am good :)
Jess @ jmnway.blogspot.com

Mariel Collins said...

Your hubby is so sweet:) It made me miss my hubby horribly, business trips suck..lol:/

Beth said...

Hi there! :) I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. It took me a bit to understand it, but you can check out the info on my page and pay it forward. :)

I always enjoy reading your posts!


Beth @ Whiskey Tango

Myers Family said...

We try to have date nights as often as possible. Usually its 1-2 times a month. Its very hard to get away with 3 kids but we have great family that are always wanting to watch the kids. Sometimes we even take the baby out to dinner with us and leave the boys with my parents. She is such a good baby and I'm pretty sure she enjoys the quiet time away too ;)
I also enjoy the days that hubby gets to stay at home with me those are by far the best days. I love that he is self employed and there are days that he just wants to stay home.

Megan said...

I think date night is very important. We are trying to get in the habit before having kids also. It is so easy to just get stuck in your routine and then realize you haven't spent any quality time together. My love language is quality time too. We try to have a date night at least every other week. Some months, we have a date night every week. It just depends on what's going on.

Jessica Ambrose said...

Hey, found your through Sippy Cups and Pearls...great post! I am such a quality time person too..although I tell my Prince Charming I am partly all FIVE so he's pretty much screwed...lol...Nice to meet ya! Jess at www.theredheadedprincess.com

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

yay for a date night! We never set aside a specific amount of time (which we should...) but we TOTALLY know when it's been too long without a date because we'll bicker and argue over DUMB stuff and I kid you not, we will look at each other and say "we need to go on a date" hahaha. it's so important! it's nice that some people don't have to go on dates that often, but keep in mind....everyone enjoys attention and that's where the "dating" part comes in...that's when you get the MOST attention. and if you aren't getting it from your spouse well then, you will be more up for receiving it from someone else...our marriage counselors said to make sure you still make sure the other feels sexy...shoot, slap em on the butt like you did when you were engaged. hahaha.

Terri Lynn Grothe said...

love reading about the love for your hubby.
Thanks for sharing with us :)

Tarole said...

Hi beautiful! That is SO great you two focus on dating still. With my bf of over two years, we always try to plan something for just the two of us once a week. Whether it be going to watch the Friday fireworks, or cooking dinner and cuddling while watching a movie. I think it's a great thing! I found you from Whitney's blog and I'm looking forward to keeping up with you :)


Brittany Dawn said...

Sounds like so much fun!