Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SheReadsTruth and praying for friends

Happy Tuesday morning lovelies!

Is anyone else confused with this time change thing?
Usually when my husband goes to work at 5:40 i can go back to sleep.... But i have been staying up since its light out. Then i want to go to bed at like 8:30pm. Hehe.

Who all is participating in #shereadstruth? I am loving this community of woman reading and growing together. {if you do not know what i am talking about check it here. }
Today was day 2 of the new study in Colossians... So if you haven't yet, join! The plan is on youversion on your smart cell. (: There are verses to read and then devotional content. Its impacting my life!

Yesterday we made some pretty powerful proclamations ... And if ton know anything about my church in California (Bethel) you would know we love to proclaim things! (:
I, Monica, have been sent on a special assignment by Christ as part of God's master plan.
Oh... It just empowers me!!! It puts a fire in my heart and a skip in my step. I have a unique calling.
YOU have a calling that is different then anyone elses. (: No one else can do it, but you.

Today we read Colossians 1:2-14 and discussed praying for our friends.
Prayer is so important! I know that i do so much better when i am being covered in prayer. My husband has a better day when i have prayed for him while he is working. The circumstances may be not what you want them... But when you have someone praying for you, your perspective changes. You still have that peace among the storm.
We were encouraged to pray a very uplifting, specific, and personal prayer for our friends and i am praying for every one of you!

Lord, i thank you for every follower and reader. Thank you that they each have a calling and purpose. I pray that You will give them wise minds. Father, i pray that their spirits will be aligned with Your will so they can hear your voice. i pray that they are honoring You with their lives, with their minds and thoughts, and with their bodies. I pray that each person will see their worth and will have a desire to honor their loving God wholeheartedly. Lord i pray that with every good work they do that they will bear many fruit and see that there efforts to do not go unnoticed by You. You see them. I pray that their knowledge of God will increase greatly and they will dream about Your goodness. They will think about.heavenly things and the revelations  flow. Father, i ask that they will be completely strengthened in all power with the endurance that they need and patience with extreme joy. No matter their circumstance. Lord, we are all in different seasons and walks of life but i ask that no matter what is going on that all these beautiful people will realize their inheritance in You and begin to thank you with all that they have. In Jesus Precious Name Amen.

I hope that you all have a happy Tuesday! And thank you all for reading and stopping by! (: (: (:

Prayers and love. - Monica

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Mariel Collins said...

It is truly empowering to know you are here for a reason. That you can change someone or something! Thank you being so lovely:)

Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

Happy Tuesday! I just love coming to read on your blog. You have such a lovey face :)
I've noticed the she reads truth on other blogs and I wasn't able to get it working on youversion, but i'll definitly be trying it again. So glad that you are being impacted in such an amazing way.
I also can't believe you are from Nor Cal and are from Bethel. My family moved to Redding two years ago to be close to Bethel. Crazy! :)

Mrs_V820 said...

Shannon - you are a no-reply so i couldn't email you back directly... But i wanted to thank you for your kind words. Shereadstruth is so amazing and if it is not working on youversion then you can go to the website and its on there too. (: and follow on twitter @shereadstruth

Oh.. We miss Redding so much. That's where we are from. Our season is up in Alabama in April and we plan to move back. Its hard to be away from family and our church. (:

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

thanks again for introducing me to this! such a good post and man o man, I like that blog! by the way, cute nails :) you have pretty hands :)

whitneycroy said...

I will definitely get on that youversion devotion.. I'm finishing my Parent's devotion tomorrow so it's perfect timing.

We are doing a similar thing through our college ministry called Awaken.. letting people know that they are God designed and have a purpose. I'd love for you to stop by and read it every now and then. it's a 35 day challenge :)

Happy Happy Tuesday

Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

thanks for letting me know I was one of those dreaded no reply bloggers! I've fixed it. :)