Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a christmas card code!!!

I love coupon codes!

 I heard from Wifessionals that minted.com was having a coupon code for Christmas cards and I went right over and ordered some! I am beyond excited to send them out! I love picture cards and this will be our first! (Husby did not want to do them last Christmas because I bought thank you cards with our wedding photos and never sent them. oops!)

There is a coupon code for $25 off AND no shipping! Awesome!
And if you click right here and sign up they will give you $25 of credit just for signing up! Amazing!

So you can get up to $50 off PLUS shipping!

Now there is a trick about the $25 credit ... you have to spend $50 or more and then they will deduct the amount automatically.
So you can get 50 postcards or 25 regular cards and spend practically nothing!!!

The $25 off and no shipping is only good until 11/12 so hurry! (:

Here is the promo code:

They have tons and tons of different styles and you get to personalize it all!

Happy Holiday Card shopping!!!



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