Saturday, November 24, 2012

2nd thanksgiving married

I hope all you had a wonderfully beautiful thanksgiving!

The husband and I had a great time with fantastic food!!!
I had sweet potato casserole for the first time and Martin tried pecan pie for the first time!
The only bad thing with not cooking for own dinner is no left overs! Hehe.

We did not partake in black Friday but we did end up going to Wal-Mart and getting Christmas stuff and decorated our tree.(:
The theater was offering matinee prices all day so we saw Red Dawn after eating a DELICIOUS meal at Logans (two steak dinners with two sides each and dessert for $20).

After that we got all bundled to go see this part of town that is all lit up with Christmas lights. We were even going to take Sophia.... but when we got there it was going to cost $5 each. No thanks. Lol.

Today it has been really cold so we have just been snuggling all day. (:

Hope your weekend is going wonderful! (: did you do black friday? What was the best part of your thanksgiving dinner?

New foods, Christmas trees with colorful ornaments, and love. - Monica

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Rachel said...

That's great that you guys had a good Thanksgiving. And I love Logan's when they have coupons or good deals going! I did a little shopping on Black Friday...not too early though. We went to the mall at 7 am and it wasn't even busy!

Beth said...

Oh my, you had never tried sweet potato casserole or pecan pie! Two delicious items, I hope you both liked them. I'm ready to decorate, too! Hopefully soon! :)