Thursday, November 1, 2012

Overcoming obstacles.

Our washing machine and dryer are located in our huge garage.
We noticed a couple of weeks ago that there was a small puddle in the middle of the garage. It started getting larger and larger and we thought that the washing machine had a leak.

Yesterday my wonderful husband checked and rechecked all the plugs and hoses to fix the leak, but he wasn't sure how to fix the stagnant water problem in the middle of our garage.

He decided to use a hose and blast the water out.
When i came down stairs to check on him, there was even more water in the garage along with a very frustrated and overwhelmed man.

I thought he was just going to give up and our garage would just eventually dry up (or have a puddle of stagnant water forever).

But Martin was determined and through his frustration he kept going. He started grabbing towels and trying to push the water out but that wasn't really working. The towels got thrown on the ground.

He borrowed the neighbors leaf blower and tried to get the water out that way... But that seemed to just spread the water.

I saw my husband hit that wall. That feeling like you can't get it. You are done. Its not working. I thought (for the second time) that we would stop... But he amazed me and pushed through it.

He grabbed this piece of metal thing, angled it to the ground, and scraped the water out. It started to work!!! The water was being pushed out of the garage! He kept it up and got a lot out. He grabbed the leaf blower and dried up the entire garage!!! After about four hours of a constant obstacle he overcame it!

I hadn't been as proud of my husband as i was then. He did it! He experienced a huge obstacle and was able to use the tools he had and got through it!

Frustrations, doubt, anger, and annoyance came but my man was able to overcome.

Afterward it started making me think of all the obstacles we face in life and how often times we can feel so done. So ready to give up. We feel like the tools we have aren't good enough to get the job done or worse- they make it harder on us. But keep going. Don't give up. Persevere. Fight through those frustrations and feelings of shortcomings.
God has given you the tools to get through it. Sometimes you have to use them over and over again but you will get it.

Not only did Martin fix the problem (a leaky washing machine), he also cleaned up the mess (huge puddle of water). Remember that often times you will need to do both.

But God is gracious and is rooting you on!

If you are currently going through any type of obstacle know that you will see the other side of it. I understand it feels like it won't ever end and that you are not prepared...but you are. You are.

Let God use hard times to equip you, not to beat you.

fixed washers, obstacles, and love. - Monica


Mariel Collins said...

What a great reminder:)Thank you for the encouragement just what i needed tonight!

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow what determination your husband has! despite the frustrations and annoyances he kept at it thanks for sharing this!

Erin said...

what an amazing hubby! you guys have such strong character and i love that you shared this reminder :)

love you!!