Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Hello lovelies! 

If any of you follow me on social media (@xxooMrsV) then you know our little family is currently on VACATION! We flew to Northern California on Saturday and we will be here for 2 weeks! 

We are visiting family and places we haven't been in awhile. We are with my sister right now but starting tomorrow we will be traveling and stopping to see different family. Introducing Seth to everyone and having fun! We haven't been here in three long years -- we have missed California! 

I am going to try to blog {more} about all the fun stuff we are doing but make sure to check out my twitter and Instagram to see it too! @xxooMrsV #VFamilyCaliVacation 

Seth did so well on the planes! We had two flights and jumped ahead two hours!!! Seth slept pretty much the entire time. We had a three hour layover in Phoenix, Arizona and that was awful! All Seth wanted to do was crawl and play. After about ten minutes and three tantrums we were those parents and let him crawl on the nasty floor. We wipesd him down (and his toy) before we got back on the plane though. 

My birthday is on Thursday (May 8) but we won't be with my sister so she threw me a birthday dinner. We had chicken Alfredo lasagna and then spaghetti with meatballs. For dessert she made my favorite - tiramisu! Mmm! 
My younger brothers (who are twins) came too! It was such a great time! 

Martin and I went on a hunt for a pack n play and a high chair for Seth on Monday. We did not find one! We went to the town I grew up in and the local coffee shop was open so we HAD to stop and get a vanilla chai. Mmmm! Nowhere has Chais like coffee station. I savored every sip since I don't know when I will get it again! 

We are having a great time and trying to adjust to the time change and all the changes for Seth. It's a lot harder having "vacation" with an infant. But we are excited for more family to meet him and to see more places. 

It's going to be HARD to go back to the Midwest after this trip. 

Vanilla chais, lots of naps, and love. - Mrs. V

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