Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I love Fall

The title of this post says it all.... I love Fall.

Like truly truly love. 

I have literally been picking out everything I can that is pumpkin spice. 

YUP. I am one of those girls. 

I have had pumpkin spice coffee, pancakes, mochi, m&ms, waffles, tea, and of course pumpkin spice lattes. I cant wait to go to Trader Joes this weekend and pick up some more pumpkin items too (mmm.. pumpkin chai is on my list).

I am only allowed to endulge in this spicy, sweet, delicious little  big gourd one season a year. So I get as much as I can, while I can.

Speaking of those beautiful orange vegetables, I am extremely excited to take my boys to their first pumpkin patch next weekend. We have been putting it off for so long but I told my Husby that we have to do it next weekend since there are only 2 more weekends left in October.
I am still debating whether we will carve them or just paint them.. but of course I have to take pictures of SethJason and JaydenMicheal in the pumpkins.

SethJason and I have also been enjoying the falling leaves.
He has been wanting to go outside everyday... which I am totally okay with.
He runs and jumps and throws the leaves all over.
Today I was editing a picture I took of him and tells me "pho down" and grabs my hand.
Nothing makes me want to jump up faster then my 2 year old telling me to unplug.
we ran and jumped over the leaves together.

It still isnt THAT cold... well, besides in the morning time... but I am so ready to walk around in my leggings, boots, and scarves.

Truly, I wish it was Fall all year round... but then maybe I wouldnt appreciate as much.

Whats your favorite season? Is pumpkin spice your friend or foe?

falling leaves, more pumpkin spice, and love. - Mrs. V

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