Tuesday, October 13, 2015

what you dont see {social media lies}

My little family of four had family pictures taken last week.
I try to take pictures once a year to see our family grow and get older. I really really love getting them done. My husband and kids done exactly look forward to it, the way that I do. hehe.

After getting some previews back and posting them to social media I realized something... social media totally lies!

You see this super cute picture of my guys and I laughing. Pure joy on our faces.
And although it is true..... it isnt all that is there.

You dont see that my amazing husband and I were arguing that morning while getting ready to go.

You dont see that I got maybe 5 hours of sleep (NOT in a row).

You dont see that my 2 year old is very strong willed and independant and even the simplest task can be a struggle.

You dont see that my 5 month old is starting to teethe and wanting to be held nonstop.

You dont see that we worry about bills being paid, that the house was dirty, and there was so much laundry to do.

You dont see that I have insecurites. About my looks, my mothering ability, my wife skills, and being adequate.

You dont see that my husband just worked 6 days straight and only had that day off to start all over again.

- . - . - . -

Now, I dont believe that we should share every little nitty gritty detail on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and instagram are not appropriate places to publicly vent to (in my opinion).
But just know that the picture or status you are envious of or comparing yourself to isnt the whole truth.
I know, for me, I look at other people's homes or activities with their kids and I look over at SethJason, who is watching his 3rd episode of Little Einsteins, and I feel awful!
I read a status about how in love two people are, while I am in mid-argument with my husband, and I feel jealous.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Social media is the highlight reel!
You see the filtered, cropped, sometimes staged, edited versions of their lives.
If your life is messy, crazy, confusing, frustrating, sometimes tough, know that you are not alone! Those moments just dont make it on to my instagram.

laughs, tears, and love. - Mrs V.

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Heather Leigh said...

Doesn't get more real than this!! Thanks so much for this post girl!!! :D