Thursday, November 19, 2015

its beginning to feel a lot like.......


I do not know what it is but I am like SOOOO excited for Christmas this year. 

i know i know. 

Its not even Thanksgiving yet. 

But I am still like beyond excited this year. 

Last year was different. I was joyfully pregnant and we were in our own place... but we decided not to get a tree. We didnt put up stockings. I did listen to Christmas music though! 
Martin was working a ton (which hasnt changed much this year). We tried to visit Santa but failed miserably (SethJason was TERRIFIED!). 

Of course none of those reasons are why we celebrate Christmas and we still had a great season. 

But this year I want to go all out.

I already had a local momma make our stockings (I realized that we have never bought Seth a stocking!) I am so so excited about them and will feature her shop once I get them.
I am planning to do the kindness elves (instead of The Elf on the Shelf) starting in December. 
I am going to do the 25 names of Jesus ornament to help celebrate Advent. 
The boys' gifts are already picked out (this year we are doing Kmart Layaway. Super simple and easier to budget). 
I am looking up fun and delicious recipes and cookies. 
I am hoping this weekend i can stop by the Target dollar spot and see any nice decor I can get (or possible stocking stuffers). I am also planning ahead to take the boys to see Santa. 
We have started listening to Veggie Tales Holiday on Pandora Station too. 
I am really hoping we can decorate our tree this weekend too. (: 

I just feel so festive. 

What about you? Are you feeling the spirit yet... or are you still holding off? 
What way will you be celebrating Advent? Do you have any Christmas traditions with your family? Let me know in the comments! 

ornaments, misteltoe, and love, Monica

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