Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Update

Wow. Well that month went by fast! Am I the only one who thought that? 
October was filled with pumpkins and love. hehe. 
Now we are in November and realizing the dear is almost over has me in shock! But lets recap on the month of October. 

October Update. 

 What have you been reading this month?
- I am so so excited! I have been reading my Wife After God devotional. It has only taken a few years, lol. I have been trying to get up with the boys and while they play I will do my devotional. I also got the One Thousand Gifts devotional by Ann Voskamp that is transforming my thinking. Other then that... nothing. The Bible of course. 

What has been your favorite or new foods this month?
- Well of course it was October so I had a lot of pumpkin stuff. haha. I really enjoyed the Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea from Trader Joes this month. It is so so good made with milk instead of water. Also since we moved into our own place this month I have been able to cook dinner again. Mmmm... mayonaise chicken is sooo yummy! And so so simple! Just mayonaise, herbs, garlic salt, and pepper all mixed up, slathered on chicken, and bake in the oven until done. The flavor is so so good and the mayo makes the chicken so moist! mmm. 

What movies/shows have you been watching this month?
- Once Upon a Time! I just love this show so so much. haha. I havent really been watching anything else besides that. Grey's Anatomy a little bit too. But really I dont have much time to watch shows. Plus MyBigBoy is always bugging to watch his shows. lol. Right now all he will watch is Little Einsteins on Netflix. 

What has MyBigBoy been up to this month?
- MyBigBoy is a talking machine!!!! He has been repeating so so much it is just incredible. So many people would say that it happened overnight and really I didn't believe them. But I was wrong. One day he is was saying one word at a time and now he says sentences! haha. He will tell me "Its dark." when we get up in the morning (well then go back to bed, prince). He is repeating a lot too. Pretty much everything I say he repeats. Its absolutely adorable. We were having a few potty accidents when we moved into our new place but he is already doing better. We decided not to put him in preschool until next year because he was having seperation anxiety pretty bad. Now that he is already talking and understanding more I am kind of sad we arent... but it will be nice for him to get into a routine better. 
He still wakes up once a night and isnt normally napping during the day. BUT falling asleep for bedtime is getting easier. 

What has MyLittleGuy been up to this month?
- MyLittleGuy is ACTIVE! He is army crawling all over the place. He sits up unassisted and can sit up on his own from the crawling position. Right now he is teething... and its the worse. He has an amber teething necklace that seems to help a little but I can tell he is still in pain.... especially toward betime. He is still joyful and laughs a lot! He is now in size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. I am not sure how much he weighs but he is 6 months old! So crazy to think that in 6 months he will be a year old already! 

What are some new/old products that you have been loving?
- I bought a beauty blender spongue in october and I am really in love with it. I am not a makeup guru at all and even though i am almost 30 (shudder shudder) I feel like 15 year olds do their make up better then me. lol. But this little pink blender ($5 at TJ Maxx) is just amazing! It applies my makeup so so nicely and blends perfectly. Makes my life easier too since I dont have much time to mess with putting on my makeup now that both boys are mobile (and fast).
I also was loving Bronner's soap. (Trader Joes) Its a super duper concentrated soap that is plant based. I add some with water to a foaming soap dispenser and it is the perfect hand soap. Also it takes stains out of carpet like a champ! MyBigBoy has been having accidents and this stuff lifts up any stain. new and old! I got a cut and didnt realize it on my leg and saw that I got blood on the carpet and the couch. I mixed the Bronners with some water and rubbed it in and it came right out! No one could even tell!!! 

What is something you were proud of this month?
- I was really proud of us as a little family this month. We moved into our apartment at the end of October and I just feel so so proud and happy that we are here on our own. It was a long 6 months of living with family in various homes and it feels great to be in our own little home sweet home. We got everything moved in pretty quickly too. 
I was also proud of MyBigBoy and how he handled Halloween. lol. I dressed the boys up as Woody and Buzz. They were so so cute!!!! MyBigBoy drew on a pumpkin and then we went to the church's trunk or treat. He had a good time and everyone was super impressed with his throwing skills. haha. 

What is something you look forward to next month?
- Thanksgiving! I love love love thanksgiving food, so I am really looking forward to that! I am thinking maybe I will make a dinner here at my place too. I am not sure my in laws will do traditional thanksgiving food and it will be fun to make my own dinner. 
I am also looking forward to SLEEP! I am planning to move MyBigBoy in his own room this month and hopefully somewhat crib traing MyLittleGuy. I am going off of about 5 total hours of interrupted sleep with having at least one boy in bed with me. My back is hurting and my coffee needs coffee in the morning times. I am noticing that its affecting my parenting too... so time for a change! 

What is something you look forward to in November? Tell me in the comments! 

updates and love. - Mrs. V

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