Monday, January 16, 2012

Playoffs and believing in yourself

The big thing that is going on in my house right now is NFL playoffs!

My husband is a lifelong 49er fan. The entire family is. Now... the 49ers weren't always the greatest team, i guess. Apparently they went through tons of coaches went through many seasons with not too many wins. Last year they only won 6 games and lost 10 games! 

This year their record for the regular season was 13-3 and are now going to play in the NFC championship game (only one game before the Superbowl)!
hehe.. i am having to check all this with my husband and my best friend, google.
The most amazing thing about this team this year is that is all the same guys playing. The same quarterback. The same tight end. The same running back. The SAME team. The BIG difference is a different coach. Jim Harbaugh is having his first year with the 49ers and taking them straight to victory. 

Even if you aren't a 49er fan it is hard to ignore the success that they are having. The change is completely evident in their game and the way that they carry themselves. 
It is amazing what one person believing in someone can do! Someone who takes the time to excite the person. To encourage the person. To shape their God-given gifts and grow their talents. Coach Harbaugh is often seen pumping Alex Smith (the quarterback) up with hitting his pads and helmet. Its incredible what can happen when someone in your life INVESTS their time in you. 

When you have someone believing in you, its easier to believe in yourself. My pastor has said that we become what we think the most important person in our lives expects us to become.  If the most important person expects us to become great.. then i think we will have the confidence to do so. BUT if the most important person says that we are worthless, not good enough, that we will never amount to anything, annoying, too much to handle.. etc... then in most cases what do we have to try for? Why would we try to be great when the people around us say that we aren't good enough. 

I know that i am not perfect at all.. but i want to try to encourage others. To believe in them. To tell them they can.. when everyone around is telling them they cant. I want to pump others up and get them excited about what they are passionate about. So that they can someday get to their "Superbowl game" of their life. 

playoff games, believing, and love. - Monica
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