Monday, January 23, 2012

world market and new babies

I had a wonderful weekend. :) 
It was my 5 month wedding anniversary and so my husband and i celebrated with Disney Monopoly. 
He let me win.. hehe. :) I am a good loser (i lose every.single.time. i play nerts with my husband and in-laws lol) but it was sweet that he still let me win. :)

The next day i went shopping with my sister-in-law. At first we went to Target. I just love that and could spend hours in it! She needed to buy a purse but we didn't find anything good... so we went to JCPenney to see their selection of handbags. She found one and it was off to dream at Best Buy.

I found TWO things that i REALLY wanted! A Hello Kitty blow dryer and a Hello Kitty Blue Tooth (both things i really need) :)

After drooling at all the stuff i cannot buy we decided to covet some more at World Market.
It was funny because for some reason ( i still dont know why) they were giving away free hot dogs.
When we were walking i noticed that they also sold hot dogs in a jar. eeww!!!
But all we bought were Japanese sodas!
Of course mine was a Hello Kitty kind!
I also found a sparkly mask that i wore around for a little while. :)
Life is just so fun with sparkly masks on! :) I also liked these little doll-things!
Although they did look like they needed a hug.
If you want to have fun and kill some time.. head over to World Market and just look around! They have amazing stuff!!!!

After dreaming we went back to my in-law's house and i finished doing our laundry there (so thankful for them!!!).
That night we had a delicious dinner with good family/friends who married us. :) They are an amazing man and woman of God and it is always sooo encouraging and lovely to spend time with their family. They just had a little girl 11 weeks ago and so my heart was overflowing with joy! We are truly blessed to call them friends!

good friends, fun masks, and love.  - Monica
♥ . ♥ . ♥

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