Thursday, September 6, 2012

a weekly recap & repentance

Hello lovelies!!! I know I have been missing for like... the past ... week. hehe. I was not feeling well... and then hubby started to not feel well either.
We are better now and he is back to work today... so I figured I should too.

So this is me right now:

I am sitting on my bed folding laundry. I have already cleaned the kitchen and the living room.

I have not done very well on the chores since last week. hehe. Although hubby cleaned the kitchen and it was sooo wonderful!!!

Bathroom and bedroom are next on the cleaning list.

♥ ♥ ♥

 We haven't really done anything all week -- so no special updates. We did get a wonderful canvas from Picture It Canvas that I bought from Groupon for only $39 (its worth $110)! I am so so excited and I cannot wait to buy more.. whenever they go on sale again. lol

We also went to a frozen yogurt place this weekend for a little date. It was pretty delicious. I was jealous of Martin's though. He went with a more fruity theme...... and I went with a chocolate theme. lol.
- . - . - . -

Also hubby and I had some really beautiful worship and prayer time. It was much much needed. We repented to each other and just kind of turned a new leaf. Repentance (to me) is acknowledging that you have not been living how you want to live -- and vowing to change the behavior. To turn your back from it and start fresh. To go and sin no more. {John 8:11}
Remember {this post} I wrote last week about being aware of what you say before you say it? Well I am still not perfected in it... so hubby and I both released everything and will put our repentance to action
"As long as he doesn't convert it into action,
 it does not matter how much a man thinks 
about his repentance." - C.S. Lewis

I encourage you all to pray and worship with your spouse/boyfriend/best friend. Take that time to be with your God and grow. Listen to the Lord. Praise Him. And if you EVER need to repent to ANYONE for ANYTHING -- do it. Remember it is more then just saying "sorry" its making a true commitment that you will change and you know you were wrong. Its amazing how freeing it is to do that. 

I pray for all you who read this that God will encounter you today and give you all the peace that you need! A big big hug from my home to yours!!!

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fro-yo, repentance, and love. - Monica
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Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

this is so great! I love hearing this! it's amazing what the Lord will do when you actually open up and allow Him to work in your marriage, right?! by the way, I now want some yogurt/ice cream. thanks a lot! hahaha.

Jessie said...

I hop you feel better. There is so much going around right now. Ugh.

Beth said...

I've been following #shereadstruth as they go through Proverbs and it's been a heaviness on my heart to change the words I say and to think before I speak. It's HARD. So I feel your pain in this, but I just keep trying and improving little by little. Glad ya'll are feeling better!