Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 week bumpdate

Hi lovelies!!! I have decided to take you all on this beautiful journey of pregnancy with me! I am so excited to share my growing heart (and tummy) with you all!
I am going to TRY to be more creative with my pictures and do them weekly! Here goes!

How Far along: 10 weeks (well today I am 10 weeks 4 day but when this picture was taken I was 10 weeks)

Size Of Baby: according to the What To Expect app baby is the size of a lime - about 2 inches. But says baby is the size of a prune.

Maternity Clothes: not quite yet. My jeans are snug and I would much rather wear leggings (or yoga pants). I know a lot of it is bloat though.

Stretch Marks: nope(:

Weight Gain: about 1.5 lbs

Sleep: I want to sleep all the time! But these crazy dreams make it difficult!

Best Moment of the Week: getting all my insurance approved so I can schedule my first Appointment! Insurance was taking a little longer then I wanted but everything went through and we were able to schedule our first appointment!

Movement: baby is too little.

Cravings: currently I think my cravings are suggestive. If someone talks about cupcakes then I really want a cupcake. If I see a commercial for Chinese food then I craving Chinese food. I have noticed that I do want sweeter things more then normal though.

Gender: I think baby is a boy, husby thinks baby is a girl.

Belly Button In or Out: in

Wedding Ring on or Off: on

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nothing! I have been totally blessed with no real morning sickness. In the very beginning if I didn't eat then I would feel sick, but I don't even have that anymore.

What I Miss: hmmm... I cannot really think of anything I truly miss. I miss not crying when I watch certain commercials. Hehe

What I am Looking Forward to: our first appointment on Thursday!!!

Nursery: nothing yet but I am so excited to decorate one!

Emotions: just feeling very very blessed. I know I have said it a kajillion (ya .. That's A LOT) times but I do! I feel so blessed to be carrying this precious life!

What's baby up to: little baby V's hair follicles are forming and teeny nail beds are also developing. Baby can also do somersaults! Kidneys are fully functioning too.


Baby love - Monica


jennifer visser said...

oh so adorable! :) love these little updates and photos! you are one precious pregnant momma and will be the entire pregnancy!! praying blessings over you and that precious babe and that you will both have a smooth and healthy pregnancy!

Tiffany H. said...

Congrats to you! I had to laugh about the "suggestive" cravings. I was that way. Once I was watching the tv show Scrubs and he was eating a popsicle, like the plain kind. After that I had to have a Popsicle every night lol

Mariel Collins said...

you look amazing! you have the Cutest baby bump:) I love that you all have different feeling about babies gender it'll be fun to see who's "right".

Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

thats so funny!! I always thought my girls were boys too.. feeling more comfortable in yoga pants never goes away... even after baby is born. lol

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Oh honey, you look GREAT!!!! Still so incredibly happy for you and your growing family. :) My prayers and love are with you!!!

P.S. Holy WOW your hair is long!! Gorgeous!!

Callie Nicole said...

You look so cute!

la petite lulu said...

Congratulations! You are looking great mama to be :) Have fun with the first appointment - the first one is the most exciting I reckon, esp if they give you a peek!

Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

So cute! God is so good to have blessed you and your husband with a little one. I love that you are joyful through this time realizing God's blessing.

Thank you for sharing!

Michelle Taylor said...

You're too cute!