Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My vision

The Lord has been working on my heart a lot since we found out I was pregnant.

My desire for Him has grown leaps and bounds.

What kind of mother will I be?
Will I be capable of portraying the love of God correctly?
How am I going to shape and mold this life that God has given me?

These and many more questions have flooded my mind since I saw those two pink lines.

New Year's Day especially I thought about my life. New Years always makes me reflect on the previous year and look forward with much anticipation to the upcoming year.

This is my heart... That I didn't know I could put into words until it was pouring out of me early New Years morning to my loving husband.

I desire to know The Lord.. To TRULY know The Lord. I want to be considered "different" and "set apart". I believe with my whole heart that I am CALLED to be set apart. I know I put pressure on myself to live a certain way but I feel that I have been given this beautiful gift of life because Jesus died on the cross for ME. I want to LIVE for Him. I cannot do things that would prohibit me from speaking the gospel at any given moment. If someone was to call me or text me {at any time} needing prayer or had a question about The Lord I want to be able to share with them. I want to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS listen to the Holy Spirit and be in a position to spread that same love I have found.

So this is my vision. This is my focus. I don't feel scared anymore on what kind of mother I will be because I trust that I will be lead by Holy Spirit in raising all of my children and being an example to them and my husband.


tmack said...

You will be an amazing mother because of your relationship with the Lord. If I've learned anything its that I know I am loved, and I get my Love from the Lord. My husband and I love each other with the Love that we know we have from God individually and then Love our son with that same love. I know that I am called to Love my boy beyond all the little nuances and does and don'ts.

Nicole said...

You are SO encouraging, Monica. I think that you are going to be a wonderful Mama to this sweet baby. Your desire for the Lord will change the way you mother and I hope that I can say the same thing one day!

Mariel Collins said...
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Mariel Collins said...

You will be a wonderful Godly mother. It is truly encouraging to see other women strive to get closer to the savior, it inspires and encourages me thank you:) I hope this will one day be my prayer!

Megan said...

I somehow missed the pregnancy announcement. Congratulations! I can see where it's easy to doubt yourself-raising a child is a huge job, but your faith in the Lord will guide you. You're an encouragement.

Michelle Taylor said...

Aww I love this! You almost made me cry <3