Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Things I have learned since being a wife.

Hello lovelies! 
I feel like I have been sooo busy but if you asked me what I have done - I couldn't answer. Hehe. 

I have been doing a lot of cleaning and preparing for baby V, since he will be here in about two months! {eee!} 
Also I have been doing a lot a lot of thinking. God is showing me so much about myself, my marriage, and my life. It's amazing - but sometimes tough. 

I wanted to tell you all a little bit of what I have learned in the past {almost} two years of being married. 

Just because you and your spouse fight doesn't mean you aren't meant to be.  
      I always thought that if you married the person you were supposed to be with then you would never fight. You wouldn't argue. You wouldn't really disagree. I don't really know where I got this idea but it was hard on us in the beginning. I felt if we got into a disagreement that we weren't meant to be. Now that I am freed from this our marriage is happier. Yes, we argue from time to time but he is my prince! 

Two people will not drink a gallon of milk. 
     Check the dates at the store and get the furthest date available. I learned this in the beginning and yet I STILL throw out milk from time to time. 

Communication is speaking and listening. 
     I always knew that "communication is key" in marriage ... But the longer I am married I am realizing what communication really is. We have to speak in a respectful and loving way -- but we also have listen without taking offense. We sometimes have to "read between the lines". I will say something to my husband but mean something totally different because I am talking through fear, insecurity, frustration, and/or disrespect. When that happens our spouse (or we) have to learn to listen a more carefully to their heart. {my husband is great at this!} 

Insecurities will arise in marriage and its best to deal with it then ignore it. 
     A lot of insecurities in me have been brought up to the surface since becoming a wife. Things that I thought I dealt with when I was younger come up again. If I allow it -- it can really affect us and our marriage. Things from body image to issues with alcohol to fear. We have to deal with the insecurities when they come up.... And communicate and listen. 

- . - . - . - 

Those are some of the things I have learned so far that The Lord is reminding me now {well maybe not the milk one... I just thought of it because I have a half gallon of expired milk in the fridge}.

So what have you learned since being married or in a relationship? 
What have you learned with being single? 

Never stop growing and love. - Monica 

{leaving you with a wedding photo because I love to look back on this day.}


Rachel said...

All very good life lessons! And hey, the milk one might just be practical, but it's true! I'm always checking to get the freshest milk and it's still hard to use it all up in time! :P

Mariel Collins said...

Oh we have missed you! So many special lessons learned:)

jennifer visser said...

love these! sounds super familiar to the things i've been figuring out here on year 2 as well :)

thanks for sharing sweet friend!

Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

I love looking back on our wedding day also- it was the best!

I've learned that just because we get in a fight, we are not going to leave each other because we have made a committment and God is our strength.

I'm learning that just because my husband doesn't do things the way I do them doesn't make him wrong. There are some things that we both do differently.

That prayer makes a huge difference. Through it God gives me a different perspective, a right perspective of my husband. Even when I'm butt hurt, God helps me see through that and eventually I feel better.

And I hope to keep on learning :)

Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

Such a great post! I also love looking at me and my husband's wedding pictures. It was one of the best days of my life!

I'm learning that it's okay to fight just as long as we come back to an understanding and that we love each other.

I'm learning that just because my husband does things different from how I do it doesn't make him wrong.

I'm learning that prayer makes a BIG difference and that God is for us as a couple!

And so much more!

Let's keep on learning :)

Anonymous said...

Your growth, maturity, and and understanding astonish me every time!! I love you!! -Husby V