Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My crazy, messy, beautiful life.

My days are filled with running after a baby (or is he a toddler?), making meals, cleaning up toys, wiping a booty, breastfeeding, going to bed at 8:30 only to be woken up 3 times at night and up at 7am, and entertaining a ten month old while attempting to be a good wife.
My life {at this point} is far from anything pretty. More days then I can count my hair isn't brushed and some days (like yesterday) I forget to put on deodorant.  I am always tired. Always. During Baby V's NapTime I am usually trying to catch up on laundry or just staring at the wall. 

I constantly have a Daniel Tiger's neighborhood song stuck in my head and some type of drool or spit up on my shirt. 

But I am cherishing this time! He is only small for such a short time. I mean he is already almost a year old. 

Although I never have make up on, usually wearing a big tshirt and yoga pants on {and might  even stink from time to time} I wouldn't pass up his laugh, toothless grins, and sweet cuddles for anything. The Lord has blessed me as a mother and I choose to praise Him for this crazy, messy, beautiful life. 

Sticky fingers, a change of clothes, and love. - Mrs. V

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