Thursday, June 4, 2015

Birth Story of Jayden Michael {natural VBAC}

11 days past my estimated due date I woke up at 3am to my son crying from his crib. I went in his room and rubbed his back like so many nights before. Except this time, I was having contractions. REAL contractions, not the false ones I had been experiencing for weeks before this. I rubbed Seth's back while trying to rock back and forth and manage these light contractions. I went back to bed and woke up again at 6am because my contractions were getting stronger. I decided to FINALLY time them. 

Lasting about 30 seconds and roughly 10 minutes apart, I knew that I would meet my second baby boy soon. 

I continued to manage through them since they weren't that severe while I fed my son breakfast and watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I told my husband that I thought today was the day and he called into work and got our son all ready for a slumber party at grandma's house. I called my midwife to let them know what was going on. The day before at my appointment she told me to take castor oil in the morning and I was delighted to tell her I didn't need to. I told her I would just keep timing the contractions and would call back when things picked up. I also let my doulas know what was happening and told them I would have them come when I couldn't handle them on my own. 

My doulas came over at around noon and were just a dream. My contractions were about a minute long and coming every 6-9 minutes at that time. They helped me with counter pressure, encouragement, prayers, and making me laugh. We would be talking and then when a contraction would come I would put my head down and they knew to be quiet and help me through them. In between these contractions we would talk and laugh while I ate some delicious trail mix. The contraction would come and everything got silent besides my low groans and breathing. 
I thought these were soo painful. At about 5pm I called my midwife and said I thought I should come in and see what was happening. The contractions were stronger and coming about every 4-5 minutes [ my birth center had a 4-1-1 rule before I could get checked in. Contractions need to be 4 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute, for 1 hour]. 
We got to the birth center so excited for some good news. My midwife checked me and i was only about 4cm and she sent me home until my contractions were stronger. 
My husband, doulas, and I decided to grab some dinner. I had contractions throughout dinner but I was managing through them well. I would squirm in my chair and just breathe through. 
I decided to have my doulas go home since I felt like we still had a LONG night ahead of us. 

At about 7pm My husband and I went home and he drew me the most relaxing bath with candles and worship music. I put some clary sage oil on my belly per my doula's advice to speed up the contractions. I drank a huge bottle of water and just laid in the bath while I was breathing through the contractions. At about 9pm I went to bed to try to sleep for awhile since I was just so so exhausted. I fell asleep inbetween contractions. {My husband even said he heard me snoring!} At 11:00pm my contractions were getting really intense! I felt a painful pop and when I got up i felt a gush. My water broke! We called my midwife and told her we will be coming. My husband also texted my doulas and told them to meet us there. 

By 1am on April 29 we were all in the birth center and I was 7cm and transitioning. The nurse made me a berry smoothie when we first got in the room, which I immediately threw up (something I said i didnt want to happen during labor. And i only drank like 2 drinks and then it just didnt sound good after that.) I got in their big birthing tub to help with the contractions. And honestly.... it didnt help much. 

A lot of natural labors and deliveries are always described so beautifully and like the mom was calm and serene during the whole thing. This was not the case here. I had all these beautiful mantras to say and things I wanted... but really what I said mostly the entire time was "ouch!!! I dont know if I can do this!" At one point I remember looking at my midwife and asking if I could just run away. I literally cried out to Jesus the entire time. "Jesus, please help me." I did not know I could experience THAT kind of pain and not just die. 
{Now remember [insert flash back music] my first son was born c-section and I got an epidural at 5.5cm WAY before transition. I had NO idea what to expect with a natural vaginal birth. Okay, back to this birth.}
At around 2am I got out of the tub and on to the bed to start pushing. The next two hours I pushed in so many different positions. Baby's heartrate would drop in every single position except the "traditional hospital position". No fun. I was so so exhausted. My midwife, nurses, and doulas were just so so wonderful. I kept exclaiming that I couldn't do it because I was just too tired. They were so so encouraging and uplifting. My midwife was tough. A good tough though. She kept reminding me that the other option was a transfer to a hospital to assist with a vacuum. I DID NOT want that... so I kept going. My midwife suggested the birthing chair. I pushed and pushed and pushed. I wished I could just give up. It had been 2 hours of pushing and I was just so so tired. I didnt think I could go on. Then my midwife showed me that my baby was so close and I felt his little head. That just gave me the motivation to muster up strength  I didn't know I had and push my baby into this world. 

At 4:32am on April 29, 2015 Jayden Michael was born into my arms. He was 9 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. I held him in just amazement that I helped create this beautiful baby and that my body was capable of bringing him into the world. I was impressed and shocked at myself. Through the entire 22 hours of labor and delivery I hit so so many walls but I was able to get over each one. 

Jayden, I am extremely blessed by you. You are our little miracle and our life has so much more joy now that you are here. I love you so so much my sweet one! We are thankful for you and truly the Lord had heard our cries! 

birth, strength, and love - Mrs. V

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