Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So... after many frustrations, thinking for hours, and attempting to get an answer out of my Fiance i have decided to change my colors!
Yes! change my wedding colors only 4 months before the big day! its funny because you would think that changing my colors would make me feel super stressed..... but actually i feel more peace now then i did before.

I just could not fall in love with red like my Fiance has. Red is his favorite color. On a color palette scale for me: red is at the bottom. So trying to pick out tons of stuff in red and realizing that my LEAST favorite color was going to be surrounding me on the happiest day of my life was stressing me OUT! So... instead of continuing to try to force myself to like this color...i decided to just change it.

My new amazing (and much more pleasing to MY eyes) wedding colors are: plum, pinks, and fuchsia. I got the inspiration from www.theperfectpaletteblog.com (which i have just fallen in love with! check out the full inspiration http://www.theperfectpaletteblog.com/2010/01/pretty-in-light-pink-plum-mauve-fuchsia.html )

So...now i need to pick out new invites (the ones i ordered [which will be at my house tomorrow] are red, black, and white), flowers, bridesmaids dresses, cake (although i might keep the cake how it is...since it was basically white anyways.), and decorations. But even though i am pretty much reconstructing my wedding from scratch with only 132 days left..... i just feel excited! I dont know...maybe purples and pinks just make me smile. (:

OORRR..... it could be because in only 132 days i will be marrying my prince. (:
(it does help that my wedding will be GORGEOUS though ;] )

the countdown is on! (:

lovely changes and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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