Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth laughs in flowers. (:

So the other day i met with my amazing florist to change my flowers with my new colors (purples, pinks, and fuchsia). My florist was excited for my color change and to get something a little more interesting then JUST red roses. he he. I was too!

I decided that i really wanted to have some stargazer lilies in my bouquet. Stargazer lilies are my FAVORITE flower and my fantastic Fiance gets them for me every Valentine's Day.

He sent me a HUGE bouquet of stargazers this V-day and got them sent to my work and everything! When the flower deliver lady was walking up to my work i was totally hating her saying "oh gosh..who's are those? i just wanna go out and trip her!" lol. I didn't think i was getting anything since my Fiance and i were doing long distance. She walks in and says my name and i feel excited, dumb, loved, and rude all at the same time. A part of me felt like i needed to apologize to her...but i didnt.

Lily in Chinese means "forever in love". Isn't that soo sweet?

I also like lilies because of all the references in the Bible.  Song of Solomon 2:16 - 'My beloved is mine, and i am his; he browses among the lilies'. Actually Song of Solomon is FILLED with references to lilies (like 10 times!) And that is the book about love, romance, and marriage....oh i love it! Song of Solomon 2:2 - 'Like a lily among thorns is my darling among other young women.' THIS is what i want my Fiance to feel about me!

So the lilies were an OBVIOUS choice in my wedding bouquet.....but OTHER flowers i didn't know. So i researched how i researched all the other parts of this wedding -- I googled "pink and purple bouquets" and got lots of results. I narrowed it down and brought them with me to my appointment.

My wedding florist is this adorable older woman who lives way out in the wilderness (okay..not really..but it felt like that when we were trying to get there) who has horses and a Great Dane that LOOKED like a horse. She has her little work office apart from her house with pictures and ribbon surrounding the walls. It was a girly-girl's play room. he he.

So after going over what i wanted...and what i could afford we decided that i will have a bouquet with lilies (that are LIKE stargazers only cheaper and less fragrant), orchids, fuchsia roses, and purple filler. My handsome Fiance will have an orchid for his bout. My girls will have the fuchsia roses and pink mini-gerbera daisies with purple filler and his guys will have a mini- gerbera daisy as their bout.

Here is our inspiration:

I am very very excited!!! (:  I am thinking my wedding will be GORGEOUS!

lilies and love - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥ 

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