Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Decisions hurt my brain

Wedding planning requires you to make a million minor decisions every single day! Okay, i MAY be embellishing a little...but its definitely what it feels like.

When my Fiance and i first started dating i had difficulty deciding on a restaurant to eat at. So i am going from not deciding on tiny decisions to being forced to making decisions that will influence the most important day of my life. FUN!
We have decided on the colors (red, black, and white), the place, the time, the officiant, the invitations, our bridal party (all family), our dj, our caterer, our cake person, and our ceremony music person. ah! sooo many decisions.

I am soo blessed to be working with a FABULOUS wedding planner... because if i didn't have her i would have probably died from decision overload. She told us about the place, the caterer, the cake person, the ceremony music, and is helping with the decor. (: smiles all around for her!

Not only do i have trouble making a decision...i have trouble STICKING with a decision. Starting in January i started looking and invite samples....hundreds and hundreds of them. I got 10 free samples from different places...and still couldn't stick to an invite. FINALLY four months later i ordered some online at! hooray!
And invites weren't the only thing that i changed. My ceremony music leader most likely thinks i am the most difficult bride. I met with him and my future sister-in-law a few months ago and set up a basic music list for the ceremony. Well 2 months and 200 emails later... i don't think one original song from that first music list has made the cut. He finally had to tell me that we will hold off on deciding until my Fiance is back in town. 

At my cake testing (my future sister-in-law also accompanied me) it sounded like i had decided on the delicious cake. Not even a week later....... all those wonderful decisions came crashing down and i felt like i was back at square one again. Did i REALLY like that red velvet cake? Is strawberry cake to weird for a wedding? how DID that chocolate taste?

So...when my beloved (and way better decision maker) future husband is back in town we will be revisiting all the vendors who have learned (by now) i am terrible at decisions, to go over everything. And who knows?? We may go with everything that i already decided on. I guess we will see.

Decisions and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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