Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etsy... i adore you

So (one of the biggest) challenges in this wedding planning process has been to find a flower girl dress for my adorable flower girl. Lorelei (my friend Shawna's little girl) is such a joy to my heart! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a dress that is in price range and is what i wanted. I am VERY picky with flower girl dresses. I didn't want an all white dress (i always wanted to be the only one in all white. hehe), but i didn't want all color because my girls are in black, his guys are in black, and Future husband and i are in white... so i thought TOO much color would look funny.

I found a dress that i totally fell in love with from Alfred and Angelo. But... paying for the name.. its about $160! really?? for a dress for a 4 yr old who WILL only wear it once! This is almost as bad as the veils! (c'mon who needs to spend $85 on a 2 pieces of tulle?!)

I then went on a chase for an affordable, pretty, good color combo dress. Jcpenney. Macys. Kohls. Other sites online... but i couldn't find anything i really fell in love with!

I have looked on before.. but it felt soo overwhelming. There was just sooo much to look through. A co-worker and i started looking on Etsy for a dress. I came across Barbara's shop and fell in love!!! She makes custom clothing and jewelry! You can show her a picture or an idea and she can make it!!! She even puts the name of the person on the tag! This is what she made me!

I am sooo happy and impressed with her work! She made this dress in about 2 days! She kept me updated on every step! The best part is this dress was under $50!!!! (: The dress is $37.50 and i added $10 for the flowers on the skirt! 

I am sooo overjoyed! (: (: 

cute dresses, etsy, and love. -M

♥ . ♥ . ♥ 

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Jessica said...

That dress is absolutely adorable! And much more original than other plain flower girl dresses-and $50 for a custom made dress is practically a steal!