Monday, April 9, 2012

Home sweet home

Well we made it to Alabama!!! (:

We had a good trip from Memphis to our new home. The waffles were my favorite!!! (;

Alabama is incredibly gorgeous!

A lot of things are different here. Jack In The Box is Jack's here. Carls Junior is Hardy's. Neighbors all talk to eachother. The traffic lights are on strings and the road signs are to the side (instead off of the traffic light). People are very polite. Left turns are all yielded instead of protected lights. Of course everyone has accents and bible verses on signs are common. College football is life and its important to pick a team.

We are enjoying it though. (: We are learning a lot about ourselves and our trust in the Lord as well.

New Alabama love. - Monica

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Andi said...

You've already picked up the football allegiance, huh? I hope you make the right choice. ;)

Olivia said...

Ok! So I google mapped where you are to Chattanooga and it is only 1 hour and 45 mins! Seriously we need to have everyone meet up sometime soon!!!! I am so glad you are settling in and adjusting to southern traditions!

Monica820 said...

Andi- ya... I have noticed all the football stuff. everywhere we go its all around. lol. Martin is wanting to go or Auburn. lol

Olivia - there is a sign by my place for a freeway to Chattanooga ... so I always think about you when I see it. (:we need to get together soon!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I am so excited for you! You are going to LOVE Alabama. I mean, I've lived in this great state since I was four. I'm going to have to try and convince you to choose Auburn- it really is the better of the two. War Eagle!

In response to your questions on my blog, my instagram is leadam, I'll go follow you! Sunday Sparkle is kind of like Project Life of Project 52. I came up with it, but it's basically just pictures of the "sparkle" in my life! :)

DaisyGirl said...

I just stumbled upon your blog through a comment. Are y'all in the Gadsden area? My husband is from there. Welcome to Bama! :)