Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby leap list. (:

Okay... Here it is!!!
I had some help from my fantastic friend, Shawna, who has four beautiful children. (: (:

I might add to it in the future but here it is so far!

I am excited to have these adventures with my husband before we dive into the next season of our marriage. (:

baby leap list
- take care of a pet. CHECK!
- travel across the country. CHECK!
- love in a completely new place. CHECK! Thank you Alabama.
- go to a live concert. CHECK! Jason Mraz and Christina Perri
- amusement park: just us two
- camping in a tent.
- water park: just us two
- weekend at a bed and breakfast
- college football game
- professional football game
- watch a play at a fancy theater
- go to Dennys (or something like it) at 1 am to eat or have dessert
- couples massage at a day spa
- go on a cruise ship
- see the Grand Canyon
- take a train ride somewhere
- some type of dance lesson (swing, Latin, classical...etc)
- hike somewhere and have a picnic
- no agenda day... just relax in pjs.

I know some of these things we could do with our future children but we want to experience them with just each other first and then do them with our kids. (:

New experiences and love. -Monica


whitneycroy said...

I love it!! True fall in Alabama is amazing! it's days like today that make me wish I lived in the mountains!

we went to the Troy vs. Florida game a few years ago.. it is definitely an experience! :)

Good luck with your list

Rachel said...

Doing a dance lesson together will be so fun! And randomly going out for dessert in the middle of the night is definitely something you should do pre-kids! I'm so not a fan of camping, though, so I can't quite get behind the camping one!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

Why did i not think of the last one....youll wanna do that one a lot!!!!

Megan said...

Great list! You should definitely go to a University of Alabama football game. That's my team. :)

Whitney Elise said...

This is such a great idea!!!! I need to remember to make one of these when we get married!!! =] I am a new follower sent over from Sippy Cups & Pearls =]

Laura said...

Love this idea!! Found you from Sippy Cups blog! Hope you'll check my blog out too :)