Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Changing thoughts

Good morning!!!

thanks for all the ideas of my baby leap list!!!
I am excited to talk to my husband about it more and let you all know my list. (: (:

yesterday was a hard day because Sophia got very very sick. I had to take our poor little puppy into the vet because she was throwing up all morning.
since then she has been sleeping and not really eating or drinking.
the vet did tell us that the shot would make her very very tired. I am hoping that is all it is.
so today is just snuggle day.

I also had my little babysitting job yesterday. it is spirit week at her school and today is superhero day.
we....... well I made her costume.
she is Wonder Woman. (: (:

I found this super cute picture of my husband, sister in law, and brother in law showing off their cool new kicks. He he.

anything you have learned so far this week?

today I feel like I am learning to not give my thoughts over to the enemy.
I have noticed that I can be very anxious ... if I am not aware of my thoughts.
sometimes I can make up whole stories or scenarios in my head and then react on those feelings.
I know that is something I need to pray in to give completely to the Lord.

"Satan wants a foothold so he can get a stronghold. small place that turns into something huge." - this was on Beth Moore's twitter this morning.

I cannot allow the enemy to have a foothold or a stronghold on my thoughts.

Lord, renew my mind. Wash me clean. I know these negative thoughts are not from you and i declare that they will leave now!  I will not be anxious about my future or my marriage because my hope is in you. I trust you with all that i am and i believe in Your promises for my life.
Continue to grow our marriage and conform it to Your will. Be at our center and saturate us with your love. Speak too my and my husbands heart and show us our callings. We will yield to You. We give you praise and honor forever.
In Jesus name. Amen.

if you feel any area in your life that the enemy might have a foothold on, please pray. talk to God and give it back to him. let me know how I can be praying for all of you.

have a happy happy happy Wednesday!

Sick puppy cuddles, restored grace, and love. - Monica


Ash Quinton said...

It's okay girl, I make up scenarios in my mind alllllll the time! Thanks for the encouragement!

Mariel Collins said...

Amen! I struggle with that too and believe the only way to get rid of them is to focus on The Lord! Hope your sweet little puppy get better really soon! And I can't wait to read you baby list!

Alyssa Rivers said...

Ummm hello gorgeous couple! I am loving your cute blog! New follower from the blog hop! Would love for you to visit me and join my site as well!

Courtney Easley said...

OMG! I have been feeling the same way about my thoughts. Satan has definitely been trying to attack me with my negative thoughts lately. Thank you so much for sharing your encouragement. Please keep me and my boyfriend in prayer.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!! You are an amazing woman of God and I am so honored to call you wife! I am here for you if you need anything my darling! I am interceding to the Father on your behalf for your struggles- Bless you!!! With love- your husby

Mrs_V820 said...

I hate it!!!! Uh! I want freedom in it.

Praying for you!

Mrs_V820 said...

Alyssa -
Thank you so much for following!!! I appreciate all my readers/followers/friends and you all uplift me and encourage me so much.
(: (:
Excited to look at your blog too. (:

Mrs_V820 said...

I will be praying for your though process and also for you and your boyfriend to fall so incrediblely in love with the Lord. I pray for a relationship that is Christ centered and on fire!

Mrs_V820 said...

My love-
Reading your comments make my heart melt and give me such a big smile. Of all the readers and followers i am always grateful and honored that you read my words!
Thank you for all you do and for always being my encourager and best friend. I love you so much!
-your rib

morgan said...

what a great prayer to pray! it's so important we allow God to renew our's so easy to forget that he's more than qualified to do that! thanks for the encouragement. glad that i re-found your blog today! :)