Friday, October 26, 2012

There has to be more...

Happy Friday everyone!!! (: (: (:

Any plans for the weekend? I am hoping husby and i can go to the pumpkin patch!

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have you ever woken up with conviction on your heart? not guilt or shame because that is not from the Lord.... But just felt that Holy Spirit was convicting you of something?

well that was me this morning.

After waking up with Martin and getting his coffee made and water packed I went back to sleep after reading some tweets. One of the tweets was from a beautiful woman of God. i first found her corresponding with Jennifer (@unveiledwife) founder of Unveiled Wife (a ministry devoted to encouraging and uplifting wives) so i decided to follow her too.
This woman (@JenniferPepp) wrote a sweet tweet about her 3 your old daughter understanding the Trinity. Her tweets about her daughter always delight my heart and encourage me for when I will be a mom.
After I read it I went back to sleep for our little morning nap... 2 hours later I woke up with such a pressing on my heart.

I DO NOT want to be a Sunday Christian!

Now i don't think i do anything "bad" according to society's standard. I do not party or drink alcohol. I do not cheat on my husband. I don't steal or kill people. I don't litter. I try my best to be polite. I dress modestly. We go to church every Sunday and say hi to the pastor. I say my quick prayer at dinner time and I forgive.
On the outside i look pretty "good", right?

But God calls me (us) to MORE!!! How is Sundays sermon impacting the rest of my week? Am i spending quality time with Lord and just being with him? I want to be salt and light to the world... So what does that look like?,I desire to be a Godly wife and future mother. I want to teach my children about God and instill in them values. Which means my husband and i need to do them NOW!
We are called to share the gospel -- not by going to church once a week or holding a sign that says "i love Jesus" but by representing Him! Or like my old pastor would say "re-PRESENTING" Him. Its by spending time with God so that we can be more like Him.
Its not a religious thing and i never want it to be a task or a duty... But an honor!
It is a true honor that i get to serve the King of Kings. It is a joy that i can read His word and apply it to my life. Its not just words! It is the LIVING word - it should change how we live! Prayer is not just "thank you for this food and amen". It is a conversation with the LIVING God - it should change how we live!

So... This is where i am at. There is my heart on paper (well on your computer or smart phone screen).
I just really feel the tugging on my heart for change and going after Him more.

Please let me know how i can pray for you this weekend.

- . - . -
So i probably won't blog until Monday (hooray for husby being off on the weekends!).

I just wanted to thank you all for following and reading! Last time i looked i had 88 followers and i am humbled and amazed! You all encourage me and inspire me so so much!
Hugs from my little family to yours!



Sarah Nicole said...

Love this Monica! This topic has been pulling at my heart strings lately as well. Thanks for writing!

Mariel Collins said...

What a great post and a beautiful reminder!! Thank you for sharing your heart. And believe me you are not the only one that feels this way! we all have to constantly strive to seek him daily, not just sundays!

Megan said...

I love this post! It is definitely a challenge when you grew up in church to not think of yourself as a "good person" based on following a set of rules. It's so much more. Thanks for the reminder.

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

wow this is good friend! I don't want to be a Sunday Christian either! good conviction when you ask "what are you doing with the sermon from Sunday" - oh hey by the way I snuck you in my post today - HAPPY SATURDAY!

Helene said...

great post!! I just found your sweet blog today and I'm the newest follower!
Helene in Between