Saturday, February 2, 2013

14 week bumpdate

Hi everyone! Mr. V and I had our first appointment for baby V and it was absolutely unbelievable!!! I am in complete awe of God in this whole pregnancy!

So my expected due date changed from August 8 to August 1! So now I am 14 weeks!

Lets have a bumpdate!

How Far along: 14 weeks 3 days (hi second trimester)

Size Of Baby: this week baby is the size of lemon.

Maternity Clothes: I need to buy some! Pants are no longer even bearable!

Stretch Marks: nope

Weight Gain: 4.5 lbs!

Sleep: it hasn't been wonderful. I have been tossing and turning a lot, hoping it doesn't last.

Best Moment of the Week: seeing and hearing the baby! It was just so so breathtaking. I really thought I was going to cry -- but I didn't. Hehe. The only words I could say were "wow" though. Lol

Movement: not yet. Excited for that day.

Cravings: I have been really wanting clam chowder.... My sister just won the people's choice award at the chowder cook off in her hometown in California a couple weeks ago and I so want some!!!

Gender: we will find out February 27!

Belly Button In or Out: in (;

Wedding Ring on or Off: completely on.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nothing (:

What I Miss: uh.... Nothing. Haha. Maybe fitting in my pants -- but it's a small price to pay!

What I am Looking Forward to: finding out the gender!!! Can't wait to pick out names and buy some stuff

Nursery: nothing yet... Trying to look up ideas.

Emotions: Hmm, I feel very blessed and just happy. In awe. Beautifully overwhelmed.

What baby is up to: baby v is kicking, curling toes, and moving their arms and legs. Little hairs are growing on their teeny little head. Baby V's are now placed perfectly on the side of the head too!

Happy weekend lovelies! {and go NINERS!}


Rachel said...

How exciting! And you are so cute with that little baby belly!

Mariel Collins said...

You have the cutest little bump! How exciting:)

Michelle Taylor said...

AWWWWWWWW the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you Moni =} You're looking gorgeous and glowing <3

jennifer visser said...

love this! so so exciting!!!! :) :) loving all the updates and bump pics!!! you're a cutie!

Stacy said...

So fun! I am glad you are not feeling sick and that bump is too cute!!