Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines 2013

So I wanted to write a nice post about our love story in honor of this day of love.... But I have been up since 5am and didn't sleep well, so I am tired!
Maybe I will do that another time.... But a lot of it is in the "getting to know me" section. Hehe

Anyone have special plans with their love today?
My husby has to work today so we might celebrate it a different day. :)

I did get him a funny card and a small bag of flamin hot Cheetos (for my flamin hot husband).

If you aren't doing anything lovey dovey or if you are completely single remember there is a big God that loves you so much and that in itself is a reason to smile!

Sending you lots of valentine hugs from my home to yours!

-Mrs V

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Krista said...

Such a beautiful collage..happy Valentine's Day!