Friday, February 15, 2013

16 week bumpdate

Well we are at another week of this wonderful pregnancy!!!! (: Only a couple more weeks until we found out if baby V is a prince or princess! (Any guesses?)

Baby bumpdate

How Far along: 16 weeks (and 1 day)

Size Of Baby: baby is the size of an avocado

Maternity Clothes: not yet, but since nothing fits I think I will go shopping this weekend.

Stretch Marks: nope (:

Weight Gain: 7 whole pounds

Sleep: eh, not the best but I feel bad for my husby who has to work early after I toss and turn all night.

Best Moment of the Week: my husband having his nightly conversations with baby. Hehe.

Movement: not yet. I THOUGHT I might have felt something -- but still not sure if it was baby or not.

Cravings: nothing really this week actually.. Anything on food network haha

Gender: we don't know yet (:

Belly Button In or Out: in

Wedding Ring on or Off: on

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nothing, praise God

What I Miss: hmmm... My pants maybe. Hehe

What I am Looking Forward to: finding out baby's gender!!!

Nursery: I am slowly looking at things. I will do more looking when we found out the gender

Emotions: disbelief. Haha this week I have just been in shock thinking "I am REALLY pregnant! I have a tiny person growing inside of me. Is this real?" Lol

What baby is up to: baby V can hear outside noises (so baby is listening up when daddy face his nightly talk), baby also is practicing their sucking and swallowing. And baby now is starting to get fat. (:

Growing in love -Monica


Liza said...

Your bump looks too cute! It has taken me awhile with both of my pregnancies to realize that there is indeed a little human being in there. It becomes more real when you finally feel the baby move and know that it is indeed the baby.

Sarah Nicole said...

So cute!!! I'm 18 weeks along now and am starting to feel the baby kick all the time! You will love it! It's such an amazing blessing.

Sarah Nicole said...

Oh and I'm guessing girl for you! :)

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

7 pounds is it?! wowsers! I had gained like 15 by this point! hahaha - you're beautiful my friend!!

Mariel Collins said...

You look awesome! I bet you are so excited to find out the gender!!