Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bumpdate {17 weeks}

I hope your weekends are going great!
Husby and I just moved to a new place and so we have been packing, hauling, and unpacking this weekend. The new house is in jambles and the old house is a wreck!
But today we went to church and are going to relax and then back to the grind tomorrow. (:

Here is the baby bumpdate for this week. (:

How Far along: 17 weeks! Yay!!!

Size Of Baby: baby is about 5 inches... Somewhere near the size of an onion, or a turnip.

Maternity Clothes: leggings and yoga pants are my friends. Shirts are still pretty comfy though... As long as they stretch or are lose.

Stretch Marks: none yet!

Weight Gain: uh... I actually haven't weighed myself this week. But I will next week at my appointment.

Sleep: sleep is still the same with some vivid dreams and tossing and turning.

Best Moment of the Week: feeling baby v move!!! It's not all the time, and totally not super distinct but it's there. Teeny tiny little popcorn pops in my tummy. Hehe

Movement: hehe. A little. Sometimes I still get confused which movement is gas, hunger, or baby. Lol

Cravings: the other day I was watching Throw Down With Bobby Flay on food network (I ALWAYS watch food network) and the guy made hot dogs with Mac n cheese on it. I then got OBSESSED and finally had some! Lol pretty good! Lol

Gender: Wednesday we will know!! Eeeee!!!

Belly Button In or Out: in (:

Wedding Ring on or Off: while we were packing, I actually did have to take my rings off. I guess I was swelling a tad bit.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: nothing making me sick (: except maybe unpacking hehe

What I Miss: can't really think of anything that I miss a whole bunch. (:

What I am Looking Forward to: finding out the gender, picking a name, buying stuff

Nursery: we will start looking into more ideas next week. We have the baby room though! Now we just need to decorate!

Emotions: happy, excited, blessed, a little nervous, overjoyed, and cheerful

What baby is up to: baby v has mastered the yawn! And also flips, kicks, and somersaults!
Baby V's nervous system is also maturing and strengthening quite quickly.
Baby's hearing is also getting more in tune. (:

Baby bumps and love. -Mrs V


Mariel Collins said...

Yay! you're so close to finding out!

Anonymous said...

I am 21 weeks and just found out I am having a boy! Congrats to you and your husband on this exciting journey, being a mommy is the best feeling in the world.

Anonymous said...

I keep going to your old posts to see where you were at compared to the week I am in now :) -Kaylyn