Friday, March 15, 2013

Bloglovin shout out!!!

Hi friends!!!!

I am in NO way a blogging expert. I blog how I talk, which means many run on sentences, random, and many other things that probably make you English major cringe with anger.
It also means that I am not so educated on HTML, fancy decorated pictures, or all the google.

My tweeter {@mrs_v820} feed has been bombarded with numerous tweets regarding losing google reader. Now, honestly, I did not really know what in the google that was.... But from the panic I was feeling from bloggers on twitter, I was assuming it wasn't a good thing.
Shortly after I noticed my email was getting bombarded with new bloglovin followers.

I put two and two together and I am ASSUMING that google reader is what we read our blogs on..... ? Lol.

I just feel so honored that so many of you amazing friends has already started adding me on bloglovin without me telling you {or even knowing I needed to tell you}.
Bloglovin is awesome and you can read my {& many other amazing blogs} on there!

I wanna just shout out some lovelies!
Thank you to:
-Emily { }
-Erin { }
{ }
-Liza { }
{ }
{ }
-Lauren { }
-Aimy { }
-Jen { }
- Krista { }

And to everyone else who is following on bloglovin!!!

Just search for my blog {} on bloglovin!

Lovin the blogs, Monica


Rachel said...

And I just followed you too, dear! I'm still trying to figure out how to use the whole bloglovin' thing, though!

aimymichelle said...

oh my gosh! my mouth dropped open when you linked to me! thanks!